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17 Creepy Screenshots That'll Be Burned Into Your Brain Forever — You're Welcome

Can I take a pill to forget these?

1. This statue possessed by hornets — or spirits? Who's to say:

2. This cherry pie that's sure to haunt my dreams for all eternity:

A cherry pie with a scary face molded into it against a dark background
Close-up of the scary cherry pie face

3. This swimming pool you couldn't pay me to dip my toe into:

4. This mannequin that DEFINITELY comes alive and walks around after closing:

5. This "doll" with teeth and eyes that are forever burned into my brain:

6. This Ronald McDonald statue you can't tell me isn't from a (dark) parallel universe:

7. This bathroom that has energy I DO NOT claim:

8. This MRI that proves babies are aliens, no questions asked:

9. This stuffed toy I'm turning and sprinting away from if I ever see it in a dark alley:

10. This ominous and threatening note...

11. ...and THIS even more ominous and threatening note:

12. This spindly creepy-crawly from hell that's making me rethink my plans to go to Japan:

13. This sign that's essentially warning of the nuclear apocalypse:

14. This hand just casually grabbing something out the window of their Nissan Altima:

15. This "hammerhead" worm that gives me a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach:

16. This cheese man who hardly seems appropriate for children's literature:

17. And finally, this crab with a doll's head that's giving major "Sid's room in Toy Story" vibes:

H/T: r/oddlyterrifying.