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    9 Husbands Who Lowered The Bar To The Floor, And 9 Husbands Who Raised It To The Heavens

    Don't be the husband who leaves dirty clothes everywhere.

    1. This husband "put back" all of his partner's precious books in the most disrespectful way possible:

    2. Meanwhile, this husband didn't even let major surgery mess with him and his partner's sweet tradition:

    3. This husband left his stinky shoes scattered on the floor without any thought:

    4. This husband, on the other hand, built his partner a whole new way to take their meds:

    5. This husband chose to throw dirty clothes everywhere BUT the laundry basket:

    6. And this husband lifted their sweet kitty up to the heavens so she could have the time of her life:

    7. This husband woke up one day and chose absolute chaos:

    8. This husband woke up one day and chose to help someone in need:

    9. This husband was SO CLOSE to doing a basic chore and failed:

    10. Meanwhile, this husband did one of their customers a huge solid:

    11. This husband probably never cleans, ever — hence why he ignored the coasters:

    12. But this husband is probably everyone's favorite coworker:

    13. This husband probably thought he was being real cute (he wasn't):

    14. Whereas this husband took cuteness and kindness to a whole new level:

    15. This "adult husband" displayed some pretty childish behavior:

    16. While this husband made their partner the perfect childhood cake to celebrate an adult birthday:

    17. This husband really had the audacity to ruin this perfect display:

    18. And finally, this husband saved up to give his partner the sweetest, most sparkly surprise: