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    21 Times Golden Retrievers Were Truly Too Pure For Words

    More like golden ANGELS, amirite?

    1. When this goldie decided he wanted to be in the picture too.

    Sneaking into the picture ... !! ( aarun_ evolution IG )

    2. When this golden pupper didn't let a wasp sting get him down!

    This Golden Retriever got stung by a wasp & ended up with a swollen face. Hes taking it rather well & looks adorable

    3. When this smol bean was very excited about his new chompers.

    Golden Retriever puppy trying out his new teeth

    4. When this goldie decided water was his new favorite thing.

    I'm just honestly trying to be as happy as this golden retriever

    5. When this bb didn't wanna harm the poor egg but also didn't wanna let it go.

    my aunt read online that a golden retriever’s mouth is so gentle they can hold an egg in their mouth without cracking it so she tried it on her dog and well

    6. When Charlie and Maverick became the dynamic duo that must be protected at all costs.

    This is Charlie and Maverick. Charlie had his eyes removed due to glaucoma, but then Maverick came along as his little helper. Now they’re doing amazing. Both 14/10

    7. When this careful canine provided a nice little napping nook for his kitty companion.

    Daily Mail / Via

    8. When this group of goldies were caught in the act during playtime.

    Goldengirl / Via

    9. When this dutiful doggo wouldn't let his human go hungry.

    malikowskirobert / Via

    10. When this angel snapped the perfect selfie.

    alperozbayyy / Via

    11. When this doggo wholeheartedly accepted his brother's apology.

    12. When this good boi was thirsty but still waited nice and patiently.

    13. When these goldies were VERY curious about their new friends.

    @luvrlys / Via

    14. When this perfect angel got booped.

    before and after a boop ☝️

    15. When this mother and son fell asleep and their legs created an ACTUAL HEART.

    richm444 / Via

    16. When this goldie decided to go down the stairs in his own special way.

    My six-month-old puppy learned how to walk down the stairs by watching her brother. Her brother only has three legs. This is the end result 😂

    17. When this lil pupper clearly fell in love with his new owner after being adopted.

    ryanpierce2 / Via

    18. When this pair really got in the holiday spirit.

    sidshembekar / Via

    19. When this pupper saw his reflection in the mirror and was...pretty stoked on it.

    20. When this doggo reluctantly made a new friend.

    JimmyBags2 / Via

    21. And finally...when this golden goober was ready for his closeup.

    shangles0627 / Via

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