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    Updated on Dec 8, 2019. Posted on Dec 2, 2019

    21 Photos That Prove We Do Live In The Matrix And Yes, It Does Have Glitches

    Reality is an illusion.

    1. This glitch where a shot on the TV didn't match the shot in its reflection.

    AvivaSappir / Via

    2. This glitch where the cat and the floor became one.

    phoenixreborn75 / Via

    3. The glitch where the building wasn't finished loading.

    stoin29 / Via

    4. This glitch where a bird decided to just perch in the sky.

    ThePather252 / Via

    5. This glitch in the garden.

    Naivara_Liandon / Via

    6. This glitch where the grape couldn't decide if it was green or red.

    TofuAndTantrums / Via

    7. This glitch where a girl watched herself order food.

    Scalabron / Via

    8. This glitch where the sky didn't know if it was day or nighttime.

    Grimsby545 / Via

    9. This glitch where the water in the drain became static.

    10. This glitch at the airport.

    protegehype / Via

    11. This glitch where an avocado grew wayyyyy too long.

    viselyx / Via

    12. This glitch where the trees weren't done loading.

    Jonki4 / Via

    13. This glitch where a leaf's veins matched up perfectly with this person's hand.

    admiralwan / Via

    14. This glitch where a pen thought it was a water bottle.

    taxkatiandevil / Via

    15. This glitch that duplicated the blue car and the car behind it.

    Soviet-Karma / Via

    16. This glitch where an icicle floated in midair.

    _xNova / Via

    17. This glitch where the waterline made it look like a sky full of boats.

    PrimalMusk / Via

    18. This glitch on public transport.

    jimmysteves / Via

    19. This glitch that absolutely was NOT a coincidence.

    loobysoft / Via

    20. This glitch in music class.

    Siro1337 / Via

    21. And finally, this glitch where a lemon became...whatever this is.

    kittiesinthemorning / Via

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