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    21 Photos That Prove We Do Live In The Matrix And Yes, It Does Have Glitches

    Reality is an illusion.

    1. This glitch where a shot on the TV didn't match the shot in its reflection.

    AvivaSappir / Via

    2. This glitch where the cat and the floor became one.

    phoenixreborn75 / Via

    3. The glitch where the building wasn't finished loading.

    stoin29 / Via

    4. This glitch where a bird decided to just perch in the sky.

    ThePather252 / Via

    5. This glitch in the garden.

    Naivara_Liandon / Via

    6. This glitch where the grape couldn't decide if it was green or red.

    TofuAndTantrums / Via

    7. This glitch where a girl watched herself order food.

    Scalabron / Via

    8. This glitch where the sky didn't know if it was day or nighttime.

    Grimsby545 / Via

    9. This glitch where the water in the drain became static.

    10. This glitch at the airport.

    protegehype / Via

    11. This glitch where an avocado grew wayyyyy too long.

    viselyx / Via

    12. This glitch where the trees weren't done loading.

    Jonki4 / Via

    13. This glitch where a leaf's veins matched up perfectly with this person's hand.

    admiralwan / Via

    14. This glitch where a pen thought it was a water bottle.

    taxkatiandevil / Via

    15. This glitch that duplicated the blue car and the car behind it.

    Soviet-Karma / Via

    16. This glitch where an icicle floated in midair.

    _xNova / Via

    17. This glitch where the waterline made it look like a sky full of boats.

    PrimalMusk / Via

    18. This glitch on public transport.

    jimmysteves / Via

    19. This glitch that absolutely was NOT a coincidence.

    loobysoft / Via

    20. This glitch in music class.

    Siro1337 / Via

    21. And finally, this glitch where a lemon became...whatever this is.

    kittiesinthemorning / Via

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