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19 Real-Life Glitch-In-The-Matrix Moments That'll Make You Just A Tad Freaked Out

Freaky and unexplained.

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Not too long ago, we shared our stories of psychic moments/glitches in the matrix, and we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share some of theirs with us. We received so many more chilling responses as a result, we simply had to share:

1. The call:

Darwin Brandis / Getty Images

"When my paternal grandmother passed away, my parents flew out to California to be with her in her last moments. They were with her and my aunt when she passed on, and a few minutes after she had gone, the telephone rang (this was pre-cellphones). My aunt answered it, but nobody was on the other end. She thought that was odd since the weather was fine and telephone glitches really aren’t a problem in that area. Later on that night, she recalled what she and my grandmother always used to say to each other whenever one of them was traveling somewhere: 'I’ll call you when I get there.'"


2. Twin telepathy:

Avril Morgan / Getty Images

"I'm pretty sure me and my twin sister have an extreme connection. She got pregnant at 17 and delivered at 18, and I remember the day she had gone into labor I woke up at around 3 a.m. with minor stomach cramps. As hours passed, the pain got worse. Then she called me and said it was time to push. After about 30 minutes had passed, all the severe pain that had me doubled over in tears instantly disappeared. I sat upright and told my family the baby had been delivered. Everyone told me it would take a lot longer than that, but right then my sister's boyfriend came busting into the waiting room saying he'd arrived! We all froze, staring at each other in shock. The same thing happened when she gave birth to my niece, and she said she had the same experience when I had my son."


3. Morning routines:

Lightguard / Getty Images

"One night, I had a completely normal dream: I was getting ready for school while my mom made breakfast for my brother and me. The next morning, I went downstairs and I put my gym shoes into my backpack...and recognized it as the same exact action as in my dream. I then walked into the kitchen, feeling like I'd done this all before, and watched the same scene play out between my mom and my brother as had happened in my dream. I was able to mouth along to their entire conversation because I 'remembered' what they were going to say. It was intensely weird."


4. Tailor shears:

Justhavealook / Getty Images

"About seven years ago when I was 13, my mom and I went for a drive to see her grandmother's grave. I didn't really know much about my great-grandmother because she died when I was 2, but I did know that she was a tailor and she taught my grandma how to take in clothing. She loved tailoring so much, she was buried with a pair of silver flat-edge tailor shears with a flower engraved on the handle. We went to her grave and chatted with her for a couple of minutes, said goodbye, and got back in the car. As I was getting in the car, I noticed something kinda shiny in my mom's door pocket and I pointed to it. My mom grabbed it and I kid you not, like a scene from a movie, it was a pair of silver flat-edge tailor shears with...wait for it....A FLOWER ON THE HANDLE. We have no idea where they came from. It was slightly rusty at the tips, but perfectly shiny around the engraving. My mom still has them hanging on a wall in her kitchen."


5. Dream home:

Driftlessstudio / Getty Images

"I once dreamt about a house, and it was super vivid. Fast-forward maybe two years later, I met a guy, and went to his house for the first time. It was the same house. I knew where everything was, even what was in each cupboard. I knew the entire layout of his house, even though I had never been in it before. It was the strangest feeling ever."


6. Sky pen:

Mrkornflakes / Getty Images

"Once, a long time ago, me and my friend were riding the bus. She looked down at her pen and realized the cap was gone. At that exact moment, the cap fell from the ceiling of the bus and landed right in her lap."


7. Chest pains:

Stevanovicigor / Getty Images

"I was living in Colorado in 2016, and a friend of mine lived in Orlando. On June 12, we texted each other that we both felt this heavy feeling and couldn’t breathe. Shortly afterward, we found out that the Pulse Nightclub shooting happened at the exact moment we both felt like there was something sitting on our chests."


8. Screengrabs:

Ivancovlad / Getty Images

"Whenever I watch TV or movies and see an actor I know but can’t remember from where, I’ll open up my IMDb app to search for the movie I’m watching or the actor's name. There have been WAY too many instances where I'll open up the actor or the movie’s IMDb page only to see a still picture of the exact moment in the movie or TV show that I happen to be currently watching. It makes me feel like my phone is listening to the movie and knows exactly what picture to show me when I start researching the actor or movie."


9. Historical jolts:

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

"On Sept. 10, 2001 my cousin was visiting us. We slept in the living room on the couches so we could stay up late talking. At around 5:45 a.m. Pacific time, I was suddenly jolted out of my sleep. I wasn't having a nightmare or anything like that, but when I awoke I was breathing deep, terrified, and the first thing I did was look to a clock to note the time. For some strange reason that morning, I decided not to listen to the radio as I got ready for school. I always did. It wasn't till I got to school that I learned what happened.

Then, on Aug. 29, 2005, I woke up in the early morning hours and was overcome with grief. I was sad and just felt so lost. I fell back asleep and woke up several hours later and went out for the day. I was hopping on a train when I saw the headline: 'New Orleans Wiped Off Map.' Nothing major since, but those two always stick with me."


10. Dreams:

Zeferli / Getty Images

"I had a dream that my coworker's daughter had passed away, and It was so vivid that I woke up sobbing, to the point that I wanted to call my coworker to check in, but I didn't, realizing it would be silly and selfish to wake her up and freak her out. I went into work the next morning, and noticed my coworker wasn't there. I asked why she hadn't come in yet, and was told her daughter tried to commit suicide the previous night. I couldn't help but break down. Everyone thought I had just felt so terrible because of what happened, which I had, but in a way I was also crying in relief that she was okay."


11. Faulty wires:

Bernardasv / Getty Images

"I started having a panic attack at my desk out of nowhere, so I texted my mom, who was home with my toddler and dog since daycare was canceled that day. I got a text back saying everything was fine. My husband called me on his lunch break and I told him that I had a weird feeling that something awful was going to happen. He told me everything was fine and to take deep breaths until it passed. Twenty minutes later, I got a call from my mom asking if our smoke alarm was particularly sensitive. I said, 'No, why?' It had gone off and she'd called 911. Sure enough, a small fire started in my basement from a faulty extension cord. If daycare hadn't been canceled and my mom hadn't been there, my house and my dog would likely not have survived the quick-spreading blaze."


12. Morning sickness:

Khotcharak Siriwong / Getty Images

"This was years ago, but my best friend was pregnant. She was about halfway through the pregnancy. I was at work and suddenly felt sick all over so I left to go to the bathroom. I ran into the bathroom and immediately got my phone out to check on her. Her husband called me right as I walked in to say they were at the hospital and lost the baby."


13. Christmas:

Kajakiki / Getty Images

"This is creepy, but Christmas 2016, I had a bad feeling that it was going to be our family's last Christmas together as a whole. Like, it was always on my mind. In late 2017, my dad died.

During Christmas, he was fine. He was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer in April 2017, and died a few months after."


14. A sisterly bond:

Alexlinch / Getty Images

"I seem to have an unexplainable connection to my youngest sister. One time, she was driving into town to bring something to me, and I suddenly felt very anxious. I heard a siren, and it’s like this part of me suddenly knew she’d been in a bad car wreck. Two minutes later, I got a call from a man who had watched her spin through the median of a four-lane highway, flip into the ditch and roll to land top-down. She was in a tiny bubble of space in the driver seat. The trunk was in the backseat, and the engine was sitting in the front passenger seat."


15. Mystic pizza:

Jun / Getty Images

"I once had half a pizza perfectly cut in half go missing. Me and my brother were in the front room and my mum and stepdad along with the dog were upstairs. No one came down and neither me nor my brother left the room. There was nothing around for it to be cut perfectly in half, and we never found the the other half. It still baffles me to this day.


16. 2:12 a.m.:

Motortion / Getty Images

"The day before my grandmother died, I had a dream that she was going to pass away the next day at 2:12. I told my dad because I was nervous. She was scheduled to be moved to hospice at 2:00 that afternoon. 2:12 p.m. at the hospital came and went. The next morning when I woke up, the nurses called and said she'd passed away at 2:12 a.m."


17. A neighborhood stroll:

Rdegrie / Getty Images

"When I was around 3 years old, my family decided they wanted to go on a walk around the neighborhood with the dog. I didn’t throw many tantrums as a kid, but for whatever reason, 3-year-old me started sobbing and screaming and would not take part in this walk. My mom finally bit the bullet and stayed home with me while my dad, sisters, and dog went on the walk. They ended up being hit by a car and hospitalized with minor surgery. The dog was fine too. Because I was so small, had I gone on the walk, I likely would have died on impact."


18. Ash:

Alvaro Vidal / Getty Images

"In 2010, I planned to go on a school trip to Paris and Madrid. The day before my flight, I was with my younger brother. We were folding laundry and I stopped in my tracks and immediately said, 'I have a bad feeling. Something bad is going to happen while I’m away. I don’t know what yet. But something is going to happen.' He shrugged it off. A week later, I was stranded in Paris because a volcano erupted in Iceland and covered all of Europe with a giant cloud of ash."


19. And the sky:

Gelmold / Getty Images

"In April 2011, my roommate ending up passing away due to a horrible car accident Easter weekend. The day before her services, I told my mom, 'I wonder if she was able to say goodbye to her parents.' Then, that night, I had a dream that I was screaming to random people saying, 'She died in the sky! She died in the sky!' And none of the people would listen to me. The next day, we were at her services, and the pastor stated that my roommate ended up passing away in the helicopter on her way to the hospital. I broke down in tears and looked at my mom and said, 'My dream! She didn't get to say goodbye!'"


Do you have any freaky moments you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments below! And be sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter!

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