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17 Gendered Products That Will Make Every Woman Laugh And Immediately Roll Their Eyes Into The Back Of Their Head

"Just slap pink on it and call it a day!" —Every marketing exec ever

1. Children's shirts, complete with sexist phrases for your toddler:

2. Makeup, because men would rather die than utter the word "concealer":

3. Scents, because smelling good is strictly for the ladies:

4. Water pressure, because we all know women and children HATE being able to get all the shampoo out of their hair:

5. Hairbrushes, for the two obvious genders: "brave boy" and "pretty girl":

6. Diaper bags, because god forbid Dad has to carry something pastel-colored:

7. Razors, including a super-fun price hike for the pink ones:

8. Dog shampoo, because your dog will definitely know the difference:

9. And also, dog cakes, because your dog will definitely taste the difference:

10. Loofahs...I mean, MEN'S ACTIVE SPONGES:

11. Fridges, because how else will I know which one to put my cucumber slices and face masks in:

12. Globes, because we all know women and girls can't do geography unless they're pink:

13. Nursery decor, specifically for your little "giggle wrapped in sunshine" or "noise with dirt on it":

14. Trash cans, because....????

15. Bathroom doors, complete with sexist jokes about pooping, because that's necessary:

16. Gaming controllers, because we all know female gamers should have to pay more:

17. And finally, action figures, because boys get to dream of becoming soldiers and police officers, and girls get to dream of...wearing sweaters:

H/T: r/pointlesslygendered.

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