The Jokes About GameStop And The Stock Market Keep Coming, So Here Are The 50 Funniest Ones

    "Siri, what is a 'stock'?"

    If you've been on the internet at all in the last week, you probably know that something's been going on with Reddit, GameStop, and the stock market, but you aren't quite sure what is going on.

    Ariana Grande surrounded by mathematical equations

    Well, basically, a bunch of hedge funds on Wall Street decided to "short" GameStop because it wasn't doing well. AKA, they bet on the business to fail so when it did fail, they'd get a bunch of money. Got it?

    And the people of Reddit — particularly the subreddit r/wallstreetbets — decided to buy a shit ton of stock in GameStop to drive up the value so it wouldn't fail, thus causing the hedge funds to lose a shit ton of money. Here's a quick explainer, an even more detailed explainer, and a quick video Trevor Noah shared à la The Big Short:

    Margot Robbie wasn't available to explain this GameStop situation in a bathtub, so this is the best we could do.

    Twitter: @TheDailyShow

    Now, Wall Street is pissed, and the investing app Robinhood has even barred people from buying further stock in GameStop and AMC.

    TBH, you really don't need to fully understand what's happening to realize it's fucking hilarious, and that's why Twitter has absolutely exploded with jokes and memes about the debacle. Here are the 50 funniest:


    Game Stop and AMC at the next Fortune 500 meetup

    Twitter: @jessinicoleb


    My friend showing me how to put my life savings into Nokia stock

    Twitter: @lilcojonez


    Everyone is treating the stock market like a fucking game and that's because it is.

    Twitter: @RespectableLaw


    me at my first GameStop shareholders meeting

    Twitter: @bosemergmann


    Rich People: wHy dOn'T tHe pOoR jUsT iNvEsT tHeIr mOnEy Poor People: Ok. Rich People: ... Rich People: wait stop

    Twitter: @JUSTINtime4aLAF


    GameStop sitting amongst Tesla and Amazon after reddit users make it a Fortune 500 company

    Twitter: @Jordan_Deeb


    bunch of dudes on reddit joined together to raise gamestop's stock price 150% just cuz and u want me to believe the stock market isnt just straight men's astrology

    Twitter: @bocxtop


    ME: explain the gamestop thing to me like i'm a little kid *10 minutes later* ME: ......littler

    Twitter: @ben_rosen


    GameStop Reddit traders still going at it

    Twitter: @betoooherreraa


    out here trying to find someone to explain the gamestop thing to me

    Twitter: @rachsyme


    Twitter: @PaulLaw10


    every time i hear more about the gamestop stocks thing my brain shrivels because its all insane wizard speak to me and i am further ensured as a species we never should have gone beyond foraging for berries

    Twitter: @jetgreguar


    Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook when GameStop shows up to the top of the S&P 500

    Twitter: @loganc3


    prayers for girls whose boyfriends just said "should i try to short the gamestop stock" despite not knowing what a 401k is

    Twitter: @rebexxxxa


    Twitter: @mattbooshell


    Youth Pastor: do you know who also crashed a market?

    Twitter: @iamTannenbaum


    Twitter: @CaucasianJames


    Twitter: @nocontextpawnee


    Men will literally manipulate the stock market instead of going to therapy.

    Twitter: @georgeciveris


    Pretending I understand literally anything about “hedge funds” or “Game Stop” or “Reddit”.

    Twitter: @unegrandefemme


    no i don’t know anything about the stock market i’m pretty

    Twitter: @ItsZaeOk


    Wall Street execs when they rig the stock market vs when other people do.

    Twitter: @itsdannyneary


    I know this GameStop stuff is funny, but you have to remember this is hurting real people who own multiple boats

    Twitter: @KevinFarzad


    yes everybody please keep talking about the stock market because I do like it and also perfectly understand it. wolf of wall street is my dad

    Twitter: @kurtisconner


    @josephpalbanese There’s this high tech firm called GameStop

    Twitter: @adamcsv


    Not GameStop being at the center of the revolution

    Twitter: @seangarrette


    Me when people start talking about the stock market and hedge funds

    Twitter: @SaintHoax


    huge crowd outside GameStop this morning as people line up to buy shares

    Twitter: @DanMentos


    i know how the stock market works i literally play animal crossing

    Twitter: @astralfvck


    Twitter: @firagawalkwthme


    Interesting that it is called Game Stop when the Game has only Just Begun

    Twitter: @BrotiGupta


    Reading about the stock market situation right now

    Twitter: @jaicabajar


    Game Stop employees when you go and trade in random old games now

    Twitter: @SASBurnerAcct


    Trying to figure out what’s going on with Game Stop like

    Twitter: @KatieRagosta


    me after making $9 investing in game stop

    Twitter: @mannyfidel


    Twitter: @Caren_hs


    $0.00 invested in stocks but entirely invested in watching wall street get fucked over

    Twitter: @snitchery


    Wall Street: "We want a free market" The Internet: "Okay, so we are going to collectively buy this stock to punish you for manipulating the market" Wall Street: "AAAHGHGH NOOO NOT THAT KIND OF FREE MARKET PLEASE DONT GOOGLE WHAT SHORTING A STOCK MEANS YOU ARE POOR PLEASE STOP"

    Twitter: @JonathanYMusic


    Wall Street: *manipulates the market to maximize profit* Redditors: *manipulate the market to maximize profit* Wall Street: why would you do this

    Twitter: @Public_Citizen


    Wall Street with the "you better stop that my dad is a lawyer" energy right now

    Twitter: @JacksonRickun


    My boobs are far too big for me to understand how the stock market works but i think anything that hurts Wall Street guys is good

    Twitter: @cowgirl_beebop


    1980’s Wall Street: ‘Greed is Good’ ‘ We Are Masters Of The Universe’ 2021 Wall Street: ‘Those reddit guys are picking on us, help!’’

    Twitter: @CaslerNoel


    @GameSpot *Wallstreet billionaires manipulate the market for years in their favor *r/WSB and other investors do the same Wall Street billionaires:

    Twitter: @DumHusky


    Wall Street: "greed is good" Reddit: "buys a stock" Wall Street: not like that

    Twitter: @DocumentingBTC


    Me wondering what all this stock talk is about

    Twitter: @55mmbae


    This whole gamestop thing feels like the financial equivalent of when the ants realized that they could gang up on the grasshoppers in A Bugs Life.

    Twitter: @MegaMagwitch


    Wall Street when Wall Street when they manipulate someone else financial markets does

    Twitter: @RoxyTall


    Wall Street last week vs Wall Street this week

    Twitter: @EliOlsberg


    Wall Street: “So we should all short BlackBerry, yes?” Reddit:

    Twitter: @KatieMaraghy


    Everything with Gamestop is making me realize how I should have invested more time in our relationship. I treated it like a Game and I wish it never stopped. Anyways, hope you’re well.

    Twitter: @myeshachou