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    People Are Already Tweeting About The Trials And Tribulations Of Dry January, And It's So Funny I Almost Spit Out My Mocktail

    "So, dry January means no posting thirst traps for a month, right?" —@sunny_Nita_

    Note: While this post is meant to poke a little harmless fun at Dry January, it does not make light of substance abuse or alcoholism.

    If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, you can call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) and find more resources here.

    It's the first week of 2023, which means "Dry January" is officially in full swing.

    What is Dry January? It basically means you go the entire first month of the year (31 days) without drinking any alcohol, and it can be kind of a challenge because, well...

    Luckily, we have Twitter to help make it a little less painful. Whether you're participating in Dry January or not, please enjoy these tweets:

    And make sure to follow these Twitter users so your timeline in 2023 is better and funnier than 2022.


    It’s always dry January when you have eczema

    Twitter: @saggiesplinters


    dry January means nothing to me, I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions, I’ve made some of my worst life choices on Tazo green tea

    Twitter: @tacko_belle


    Me leaving the liquor store knowing I’m doing dry January

    Twitter: @LimeDanny / Disney


    So dry January means no posting thirst traps for a month, right? 🤔

    Twitter: @sunny_Nita_


    instead of dry January I’m doing why January. it’s where I stand in the middle of the street and scream WHY GOD WHY????????????

    Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl


    Twitter: @6QuidCyborg


    Was thinking about doing Dry January but I am once again delayed in the Vegas airport

    Twitter: @chardonnaygay / Lifetime


    I’m doing dry January (there’s a 5 week gap between payment and I simply can’t afford to leave my house besides go to work)

    Twitter: @Aoibhin_B


    I’m doing dry January but added red wine to my chilli recipe and had a swig without thinking

    Twitter: @bleachy_chris / ITV


    I’m doing Dry January! I’ll still be drinking—but more of my jokes will be delivered without any emotion

    Twitter: @omgskr


    I need to do dry January but for crying

    Twitter: @amyysmarttx


    Dry lips, dry skin, dry phone, dry bank account, dry sex life. Dry January is in full swing

    Twitter: @alex_t0dd


    doing dry january except for whenever im in the mood for a drink

    Twitter: @chunkbardey


    Doing Dry January but just for my vagina

    Twitter: @ginnyhogan_


    excited to start damp January (similar to dry January but a few wet spells in between)

    Twitter: @cluanaigh_


    Fuck dry January. Celebrate wet January instead by giving her an orgasm or more daily.

    Twitter: @QueenVofCoffee


    “If we're doing dry January can we still do shrooms?” “We're saying no to alcohol not drugs.”

    Twitter: @realoverheardla


    Twitter: @thereidfeed

    To all those participating in Dry January, we see you and salute you. Happy 2023!!!