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Updated on Dec 2, 2019. Posted on Nov 30, 2019

Eating In Bed Is Honestly The Best And I'm Tired Of People Trying To Tell Me Different

It's not gross, it's fantastic.

Hi, I'm Shelby and I've gathered you all here today to say one thing and one thing only: eating in bed is the best.


That's right. Eating in bed is one of the ultimate comforts and it combines two of my favorite things: eating and laying down.

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And I'm not just talking about breakfast in bed.

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I'm talking about food in all capacities. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, chips at midnight, cold pizza at 3 p.m...

But there's a lot of hate out there when it comes to eating in bed. Plenty of people I know seem to think it's "gross" and "leaves a lot of crumbs."

I've also read a bunch of articles that told me I need to stop doing it by the time I'm 30, and

So I'm here to lay out once and for all why eating in bed is the best thing ever and I'm done hearing anything different.

First of all, you know what's gonna make that cold Thai food even better? Enjoying it with a super soft pillow behind you, underneath some nice crisp sheets, and a cozy comforter.


Bonus points if the TV is on.

Your delicious meal leave some crumbs? Wipe those suckers away!

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Spill a little bit and leave a stain? That's what washing machines are for!

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Still stuck on the idea that the bed is only for "sleeping"?

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WRONG. The bed is for sleeping AND eating*.

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*And, so I've heard, for sex maybe.

Not surprisingly, plenty of people agree with me on this:

there are two types of people in this world... those who eat in bed and those who don’t. I fucking FEAST in bed dude

people so obsessed with “putting food on the table” lmao just eat in bed???!

i eat all my food in bed. then i roll in the crumbs until i'm fully breaded, and then i jump into a giant fryer

Me coming out of my room twice a day to go to the kitchen to restock food for me to eat in bed

People that are always eating food in bed are my people

My pillowcases are also garbage bags for the snacks I eat in bed at night.

i have so many questions for people who don't need a midnight snack/to eat in bed. like; do u exist? why are u like that? what do u know?

me on my way back to my room in the middle of the night with a plain tortilla to eat in bed

Eating food in bed is simultaneously the best and worst idea ever

So there you have it: Eating in bed is glorious. Glad we all learned something.

  1. What do you think? Are you cool with eating in bed?

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