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These Dogs' Reactions To Their Owners Using Their Favorite Words Are Too Pure For This World

"You mean we're going outside???" —The doggos

It's common knowledge that doggos are precious creatures that should be protected at all costs (duh!).


Which is why my new favorite TikTok trend is people telling their dogs "stories" using their all-time favorite words. Behold:

Look at those faces!!! Such excite.

Two pitbulls with their heads tilted and raised off the couch, listening in anticipation.
@kaitlyn_daughtry / Via

This good boy used his indoor voice!


Tell your dog a story... wait for it. Lol. #fyp #foru #tiktok #follow

♬ original sound - kayla.colan

"Tell me more, hooman."

A golden retriever softly barking out of excitement.
http://@kayla.colan / Via

This good boy couldn't even wait to hear the end!

"We go outside right now?? OK!!!"

The dog excitedly jumping up off the bed.
@shuckk15 / Via

This good boy was very, VERY invested.

"A walk? Tell me more, please!"

The dog tilting his head to the side just brimming with anticipation.
lilgngr / Via

This good boy just really, REALLY wanted to go to the beach.

Those ears perked right up!

The dog's ear's perked up as he raises his head off the couch.

And this good boy's tail says it all.


Tell your dog a story about his favorite things! #doglife#fyp#doglovers#Winstonanimals

♬ original sound - anniep5454

Look at that puppy go!

Close-up of the dog's tail just wagging away.
@anniep5454 / Via

So in conclusion, if you ever think for a second your dog can't understand you, they definitely can! Especially when you mention their favorite things.


No weird dog collars from the movie Up required!