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People Are Sharing The Most Unprofessional Things Doctors Have Said To Them, And My Mouth Is Agape

Is there a prescription for being an asshole?

Medical professionals are pretty highly regarded, but working in medicine unfortunately doesn't make you immune to being unprofessional, insulting, or rude to your patients.

Recently, Reddit user u/TheAmericanWay1597 asked, "What is the most unprofessional thing a doctor has said to you?" And the responses have me thinking med school needs to start including some interpersonal communication classes. See for yourself:

Warning: Mentions of sexual assault, sexual harassment, suicide, and self-harm.

1. "When I was like 13, my orthodontist told me to open my mouth wider. I told her that was as wide as I could open. She told me I better practice opening it wider because, 'You’ll need that skill when you’re older.' I don’t know if she meant it in the way that I interpreted it."

2. "It was my first time at a lady doctor when I was 14. I was nervous and the tech (a 30ish-year-old man) could tell, and nonchalantly said, 'Don’t worry, we’ll lube you up reeeaallll good.' Totally creeped me out."


3. "I was 18 and getting six stitches under my eyebrow after catching a softball with my eye socket. I asked the doctor if there would be much of a scar. He said, 'Well, I could use the smaller thread to make sure there won't be any scar, but it's not like you're a model or anything.'"


4. "I went to the ER for a miscarriage with A LOT of bleeding. Needless to say, I was emotional and anxious. The doctor told me, 'most women deal with this at home by themselves.'"

5. "My doctor said, 'Are you sure you can't get pregnant? Maybe your husband just doesn't know how to treat a woman right. I'd take you out, show you a good time.' Can't believe they sent me a bill for sexual harassment but called it 'reproductive counseling.'"


6. "During a vaginal exam, I started tearing up because it was painful, and I told my doctor as much. She asked whether I was sexually active. I said yes, and her response was 'Well, a penis is much larger than the speculum, so this can’t possibly hurt.' She sneered when I told her that sex is also painful for me."


7. "He said that my girlfriend at the time — who had been drugged, raped, and left for dead next to a river — should've thought more about how she chose to dress before she went out. I literally had to be dragged out of the room screaming, and he was lucky I never managed to get hold of anything sharp."

8. "My doctor told me, 'You can’t have ADHD because you've managed to get a job, and you’re doing a degree. Someone with ADHD wouldn’t be able to manage what you’re doing.' I wasn’t managing, that’s why I was there pleading for someone to take me seriously. Almost a year later and a LOT of back and forth, I was officially diagnosed with ADHD. The whole process was exhausting."


9. "My aunt's gynecologist told her, 'You should get liposuction.' She has a lot of stomach fat because she doesn’t eat well/exercise and has had four kids, but she also didn’t ask her gynecologist for his opinion on her stomach."


10. "The doctor was examining me and for no reason in particular said, 'You're pretty. Not like your mother pretty, but okay.' I was 10 years old."

11. "I was 19 and was having issues where I was going to the toilet practically every five to ten minutes to urinate. Like, I could have a drink and immediately need to wee. I went to the doctor and he said, ‘Oh it must be the alcohol.’ I was a boring teenager and despite legal drinking age being 18, didn’t really drink. I told him as much and he said, ‘You don’t need to lie, you’re young. Stop drinking so much alcohol and you’ll be fine.'"


12. "I was getting an internal ultrasound to make sure I was miscarrying, and this prick of a doctor blurted out, 'You’re empty, go home.'"


13. "When I was 18, I saw a nurse. It was a very hot day and I was wearing a skirt just above my knees. She looked me dead in the eyes and said, 'With a skirt that short, perhaps you’d prefer an STD test?'"

14. "A treatment nurse at the ER once told me that since my injury was from self-harm, I didn't deserve getting stitches, and that I would 'pull the stitches out anyway.' I wish I'd complained about her, but I didn't.'"


15. "I was in the ER after attempting suicide in college. The doctor came in and asked why I was there, then proceeded to tell me, 'If you commit suicide, you'll go to hell.' This was in East Texas."


Has a medical professional ever said something unprofessional and absolutely unacceptable to you? Share it in the comments below.