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This Couple Decided To Forgo Catering At Their Wedding So Minnie And Mickey Could Make An Appearance, And It's Sparking A Discussion About "Disney Adults"

"People took time out of their lives to celebrate you, and feeding your guests is a standard expectation and part of a wedding."

Well, well, well, if it isn't time for another deep dive into a viral Am I the Asshole Reddit thread, where people weigh in on whether someone is, indeed, an asshole and in the wrong.

This particular thread has created quite a stir and has to do with weddings, Disney, and hungry guests. Basically, a bride and groom — who absolutely LOVE Disney and may or may not have gotten married at a Disney park; it's unclear — decided to forgo catering for their guests in order to pay for official Minnie and Mickey appearances at their wedding instead.

Shortly after being posted on Reddit, it was deleted by the moderators. But (un)luckily, by then it had already made its way over to Twitter, where people still had plenty to say about it:

If I went to a wedding like this, I too would be talking shit about it… fuck you mean you’re not providing catering??? At a WEDDING??

Twitter: @theashrb

FYI: Since the original post got deleted pretty quickly, there's no way to fully corroborate that this actually happened. It could very well be fake. BUT I'd still love to know your thoughts because it's a pretty interesting situation.

Here's the full story, according to the OP (original poster): She and her husband recently got married and had their "dream wedding." Everything was "perfect," and they were able to come out of the wedding debt-free because their parents covered a good chunk of the expenses. However, some drama arose when a family member aired their grievances on Facebook after the wedding, and many guests agreed.

Person asks "AITA for not having catering at my wedding?" and discusses their wedding (F28 and M30) and how perfect it was, except their aunt posted their disappointment on Facebook

Before going into any details, OP made a point to say that she and her husband are both HUGE Disney fans and Disney is a huge part of their lives and their marriage — they travel to Disney World multiple times a year.

A huge crowd at Disney World

Now, on to the main gripe: This bride and groom decided to skip catering/food for their guests so they could have Minnie and Mickey make an appearance during their wedding for a total cost of about $5,500. "The cost to have Mickey and Minnie for a good chunk of time (almost 30 minutes) was almost exactly what our parents allotted for our catering budget, so we scheduled an appearance during our first dance and our wedding photos, forgoing served food," OP wrote.

A bride and groom with Mickey and Minnie standing with them

OP added, "Though there were PLENTY of facilities at the venue where people could eat." Presumably on their own dime, of course.

For those who may be wondering, the OP also added a little clarification about whether guests were aware that there wouldn't be any food catered (allegedly, they were), and how many times Minnie and Mickey showed up throughout the celebration (twice, for 30 minutes each).

Text explaining that invitations said that food and vending machines were available at the venue and that the appearances covered two 30-minute sessions on different days

The bride's and groom's parents are still supportive of their decision, but other guests are still "being passive-aggressive about it on Facebook."

The comments on the original Reddit thread are still public, and people had LOTS to say about the situation. Many felt that the bride and groom were super selfish to expect guests to find and purchase their own food, especially when they'd already spent money and traveled to attend the wedding.

"People took time out of their lives to celebrate you, and feeding your guests is a standard expectation and part of a wedding. Blowing a food budget on character appearances is just not the look."


"You had people pay to travel, come to Disney, presumably have to get rooms and whatever to stay nearby, then told them food would be available. But when they arrived, they learned they had to find and pay for the food themselves because you were brunching with Mickey and Minnie? Girl. Come on."


Some expressed doubt that the wedding guests TRULY knew what the food situation would be, even though the bride supposedly mentioned it in the invitations:

"I'm sure almost everyone interpreted 'There will be food at the venue' as 'We're obviously providing food.'"


"Also, they may have laid out venues for food, but did they explicitly explain that they were not covering the costs of food? I’ve never heard of a wedding that didn’t at minimum serve some tiny amount of food, even if only minor and stated in the invite. Nothing seems odd, even to me."


And finally, others believed that the issue wasn't that they wanted Mickey and Minnie at their wedding — it was disregarding their guests in order to make it happen.

"People are allowed to love what they love. If they'd just fed their guests, this wouldn't be an issue. If you have the means, you can enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy."


"Disney adult fans are just nostalgic; I don’t think that has anything to do with this!!! It’s that every wedding has something served just as a minimum! That’s the issue, not an adult still loving Disney. There are probably millions of those, and they would never do this to their guests if they could afford a Disney wedding!"


But what do you think??? Were the bride and groom wrong to spend their catering money on appearances from Mickey and Minnie at their wedding instead?

Feel free to share even more of your thoughts about weddings, Disney, and guest etiquette in the comments. And for more drama-filled stories — click here.