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    17 DMs From Men That Prove Dating As A Woman Is Truly A Delight


    Warning: This post contains creepy, misogynistic language that, unfortunately, many women deal with on a on a regular basis on dating apps and also just in life. Read at your own risk.

    1. This opening line that DID not match the energy of his profile:

    2. This DM from Billy, who needs to effing chill:

    3. This Bumble match who took creepiness to a whole new level:

    4. This weirdo who decided this was the perfect time to change the subject:

    5. This gem who made plenty of assumptions for no goddamn reason:

    6. This fella who took no response as his sign to kick things up notch:

    7. This man who didn't get the response he wanted and handled it very maturely:

    8. This convo that I hope got this individual blocked ASAP:

    9. This bold strategy that probably works 0% of the time:

    10. This guy who managed to wait a whole 20 minutes before going there:

    11. This gentleman whose idea of an opening line is just...being really insulting(???):

    12. This dude who didn't even try to be engaging:

    13. This somewhat-creative but hella-creepy opener:

    14. This man who DEFINITELY should've stopped after "Sweet Sexy Beauty":

    15. This fully grown adult who clearly knows how to handle rejection:

    16. This catch who got mad that he gave a compliment and his match...agreed with him:

    17. And finally, this exchange that leaves me with SO. MANY. QUESTIONS:

    h/t: creepyPMs