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    18 Screenshots That Prove Credit Scores Are Actually Really, Really Unfair

    *Breathes* *Score drops 60 points*

    If you live in the US and are over 18 years old, chances are you have a credit score.

    Basically, credit is an agreement to borrow money and make purchases but pay back the entire amount within a certain timeframe. A credit score basically tracks and "scores" you based on how well you're able to do that, and helps lenders assess your level of risk as a borrower. In the US, a strong credit score is crucial for opening a new credit card, buying a home, etc.

    And TBH, they're kinda awful and (IMO) don't actually help anyone. Here's why:

    1. Finally able to pay off your student loan and be in less debt? That's gonna hurt your score:

    2. Ditto on paying your mortgage:

    3. And sometimes, it'll drop for literally no reason at all!

    4. Don't worry, making consistent payments can help raise your score...until you get a little TOO CLOSE to paying something off:

    5. Sometimes using your credit card helps — sometimes it doesn't:

    6. And don't worry, consistently paying rent doesn't count at all:

    7. And make sure not to spend too much at once (even if you pay it off immediately):

    8. It can take YEARS to build up your score and mere seconds to bring it down again:

    9. And the scoring is DEFINITELY a little (aka a lot) imbalanced:

    10. If you don't open enough accounts, that'll hurt your score:

    11. But if you open new accounts and acquire more debt, that can ALSO hurt your score:

    12. You apparently need to keep the accounts open for decades for them to even help you:

    13. Just make sure you never miss a payment, EVER:

    14. Because if you do, you can immediately drop yourself into the "very poor" category:

    15. And because credit scores aren't easily accessible, you sometimes needs to pay money just to see how you're doing:

    16. Basically, credit scores determine "how far we'll get in life" despite being extremely inconsistent and volatile:

    17. And in case you thought we all started off with the same score...NOPE, that'd be wayyyyy too simple:

    18. In conclusion, credit scores can be super scary, and we really can't escape them ever:

    Love it!!!

    H/T: r/LateStageCapitalism, r/ABoringDystopia, r/mildlyinfuriating