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    I Literally Just Learned That Corgis Have Their Tails Docked When They're Puppies, And It's A Lot To Take In

    Corgis: adorable with or without tails.

    We all know corgis, right? The sweet little doggos with absolute nubbins for legs?

    Gorodisskij / Getty Images

    And I'm sure we're all aware of corgi butts, which are accentuated by their cute little nubbin tails, yes?

    Laura Fay / Getty Images

    Well, the other day I was out in the wild when I saw a corgi puppy, and I made a comment to my friend about how much I love their tiny tails. And my friend responded, "You know their tails aren't naturally like that, right?" And I was like:

    Giant Bomb

    So I did a little digging and apparently, natural corgi tails do not actually look like this:

    Short, stubby corgi tail
    Lightfieldstudios / Getty Images


    Corgi running through a field with a long, fluffy tail curled upward
    Anna-av / Getty Images

    What the WHAT?!

    Rohappy / Getty Images

    SO LONG.

    Lanasweet / Getty Images


    Veronika7833 / Getty Images


    Getty Images

    Needless to say, my mind was completely blown.


    Apparently, according to the American Kennel Association, Pembroke Welsh corgi tails are generally docked (aka cut) "as short as possible without being indented" in order to meet the breed's aesthetic standard.

    Corgi puppy without it's tail docked
    Zakharova_natalia / Getty Images

    It's generally done shortly after the puppies are born, when they're between 1–5 days old. There's debate about whether this procedure causes pain, but according to the American Veterinary Association, it does.

    Corgi puppy with its tail docked
    Tatomm / Getty Images

    Meanwhile, Cardigan Welsh corgis generally keep their longer tails!

    Cardigan Welsh Corgi with a long, fluffy tail trotting through a field
    F8grapher / Getty Images

    Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of docking as a practice, and think that corgis are just as cute with their natural tails as they are without, but whatever floats your boat!

    A docked corgi tail with the text "cute" and a full non-docked corgi tail with the text "also cute"
    Getty Images/BuzzFeed

    So if you were like me before reading this post, just out there in the world thinking corgis didn't really have tails...


    And if you already know this and are like, "Duh, this has been public information the entire time," you still got to gaze at some quality corgi tails. So, also...


    Are you as surprised as I was about this?! What are your thoughts on Corgi tails? Let me know in the comments below!

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