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It's Time To Decide Once And For All If These Trends Are Acceptable Or Straight Up Cheugy

Live, laugh, cheug.

Hi! You may have clicked on this quiz and been like, "what the heck is a cheugy?"

Cheugy (pronounced like "chew-gee") refers to a something, most often a trend or slang, that's out of date and/or "trying too hard." It can take many different forms, and this TikTok provides some great examples:


Expand 👏 your 👏 vocabulary 👏 to 👏 include 👏 made 👏 up 👏 words 👏#greenscreen #cheugy #cheug

♬ original sound - Hal

So, it's time to decide once and for all if these things are cool or, in fact, cheugy. Let's begin:

What kind of things (trends, celebrities, foods, slang, etc.) do you think are cheugy? Share them in the comments!