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These Tricky Love Questions Will Reveal Your Personality Type

Are you drunk in love or totally hungover?

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  1. Which of these romantic relationships would you prefer right now?

  2. Who would you rather be betrayed by?

  3. You find out your partner is cheating on you. What do you do?

  4. You arrive at a show you've been wanting to see for months and realize you're seated right next to your most recent ex. Do you stay?

  5. If you met the perfect romantic partner, except it turns out they have an extensive collection of creepy Victorian dolls that line the walls of their bedroom (that they will never get rid of), would you keep dating them?

  6. Would you date an otherwise great person who had TERRIBLE breath, even if you knew their breath would NEVER improve?

  7. If you had the opportunity to date someone who had the exact same personality as you,
    would you do it?

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