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17 Cats Who Decided Where They Wanted To Be And That Was That

Nowhere is off-limits.

1. This cat who saw a rare opportunity to get cozy and wasn't about to pass it up.

2. This cat who just really, really wanted to lay on their back.

3. This cat who decided hangers would provide optimal protection.

4. This cat who wanted to become one with nature.

5. These smol cats who decided bowls are not for eating, bowls are for sleeping.

6. This cat who felt like the windowsill was juuuuust big enough.

7. This cat who decided to crawl into the ceiling because the floor is for suckers.

8. This cat who risked being stepped on and killed for the sake of comfort.

9. This cat who wanted to chill but also didn't want to get too thirsty.

10. This cat who really, truly committed to becoming a ~loaf~.

11. This cat who decided it was time to catch some birds.

12. This cat who decided to hide where their human lays their head.

13. This cat who wasn't afraid to become a ~cat-tortionist~.

14. This cat who clearly wanted some alone time.

15. This cat who decided to become a bowl of cat.

16. This cat who took it upon themself to test out the new grill.

17. And finally, this cat who wasn't about to let one inch of space get between them and nap time.