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17 Songs I Never Realized Are Actually Super Dark And Disturbing

"There She Goes" ain't as cute as we all thought.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the songs they thought were catchy until they discovered they actually have some really dark lyrics. Here are even more you'll never listen to the same way again.

*Disclaimer: Many songs in this post mention heavy topics like violence, sexual abuse, drug use, and suicide. Reader discretion is advised.

1. The La's, "There She Goes"


"It's a gorgeous song...about heroin. Skip the inferior remake by Sixpence None The Richer. The La’s dreamy original is the one that deserves your sadness."


2. Badflower, "Ghost"

Atlantic Records

"I thought it was super catchy. Then I realized it was a very graphic depiction of trying to commit suicide."


3. Lady Gaga, Speechless


"It's about her father not taking care of his health, and basically dying. The song is her begging him to stop and threatening to give up music to try and get him to stop."


4. Death Cab For Cutie, "I Will Possess Your Heart"

Atlantic Records

"The ultimate stalker/creeper/won’t take no for an answer song."


5. Sylvan Esso "PARAD(w/m)E"

Partisan Records

"It's an upbeat song about the end of civilization as we know it due to climate change."


6. Modest Mouse, "Lampshades On Fire"

Matador Records

"It sounds really chill, and calm and upbeat, but it’s actually about climate change and how we’re destroying something only to move on to destroy something else. If you listen to it knowing this, you can really tell how distraught the singer and lyrics are."


7. The Beatles, "Run For Your Life"

AP News / Via

"It's always disturbed me. NOPE. Big fat NO fucking THANK YOU, JOHN!"


8. Pearl Jam, "Once"

Universal Music Group

"The pace is so fast and the song always gets me hyped, but the song is described as the first installment in a three-part mini opera about a man slowly descending into madness and becoming a serial killer."


9. Bastille, "Good Grief"

Capitol Records

"It's about someone dying young, possibly suicide, and the funeral."


10. Bobby Darin, "Artificial Flowers"

Atlantic Records

"A super fun, boppy, big band swing song about a destitute child who freezes to death."


11. The Monkees, "Pleasant Valley Sunday"

RCA Records

"It's really about how suburban life and 'keeping up with the Joneses' is stiflingly conformist and boring. Maybe not as dark as drug use, domestic violence, and infidelity, but definitely not the upbeat Sunday road trip song that many casual listeners mistake it for."


12. The Toadies, "Tyler"

Interscope Records

"It’s about a guy breaking into a woman’s house while she’s asleep to rape her."


13. Reba McEntire, "Fancy"

Universal Music Group

"It's legit about a girl being coached by her mom into becoming a (albeit high class) call girl."


14. The Mountain Goats, "No Children"

Jon Fisher / Via

"It's about a bitter divorce, but has such a peppy and upbeat sound."


15. Poison, "I Want Action"

Capitol Records

"It was on the radio continuously back in the day, and he talks about taking a girl against her will."


16. The Black Crowes, "She Talks To Angels"

Columbia Records

"It's about heroin use."


17. And Alt-J, "Breezeblocks"

Atlantic Records

"I always thought it was a beautiful song until I saw the music video and looked up the lyrics. Super fucked up."


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