19 Cat Shapes That Truly Defy All Laws Of Physics

    But, like...how???

    1. This squished shape:

    2. This Tetris shape:

    3. This cupholder shape:

    4. This pan shape:

    5. This drone box shape:

    6. This 90-degree angle shape:

    7. This curb shape:

    8. This basket shape:

    9. This looooong box shape:

    10. This rectangular shape:

    11. These stair shapes:

    Understanding Mewtonian Fluid Dynamics: An Introduction.

    12. This cheese shape:

    13. This tree shape:

    15. This wineglass shape:

    16. This curvy shape:

    17. This vase shape:

    18. This flying saucer shape:

    19. And finally, this shape proves once and for all that physics are a myth:

    H/T: r/catsareliquid and r/TIGHTPUSSY