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    Caroline Calloway — The "Scammer" Influencer — Has Officially Started Selling "Snake Oil" Skincare Products For Up To $250

    OK, but like, is this safe to put on your face?

    Caroline Calloway — the infamous "scammer" influencer — has officially entered the skincare game, and people have opinions.

    Last night, Caroline announced on her Instagram story that she'll be selling the homemade facial oil she uses on her own skin, which she cheekily (and maybe accurately?) named Snake Oil, complete with hand-drawn labels.

    She kicked it all off by saying, "So, we all know that I have amazing skin...I have the skin of a viral 18-year-old TikToker."

    "Not a lot of people know, like only my close friends know this, is that I'm obsessed with making my own special face oil."

    She then revealed the Snake Oil bottles, complete with the funnels she uses to fill them right in her own apartment.

    And as for price, Caroline announced that the first nine bottles would cost $75, with a price hike to $85 as things become a bit more ~official~.

    She even compared her oil to Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOPGenes facial oil, which currently sells for $98, to reiterate what a steal it is.

    On Caroline's Instagram, people seemed pretty excited:

    Instagram comments reading: "Love a classic snake oil grift sign me up", "Love this," and "pls omg"

    However, some wondered if Caroline planned on including a list of ingredients for her oil (since, y'know, they'd be putting it on their faces). Caroline responded that an ingredients list would happen once there was "professional labeling done" for Snake Oil:

    Caroline responding: "When we get professional labeling done, we'll make back labels with the ingredients as well!!!"

    Meanwhile, people on Twitter weren't quite as enthused. Some brought the jokes:

    All the girlies after using Caroline Calloway’s Snake Oil™️.

    caroline calloway’s skincare line 😍

    Twitter: @cacasmiddlename

    Help, I woke up to Caroline Calloway launching a skin care line of her leftover face oils and I will be thinking about nothing else all day.

    Twitter: @Jenna_Voris

    And others were kinda like, "How is this allowed?"

    can a woman in stem please buy the caroline calloway face oil and test it for science? (assuming it ever gets mailed)

    Caroline Calloway back to being extremely fucked up on her Instagram story I can’t breathe what the fuck is this 😭😭😭😭😭😭why are people actually buying it shes going to get sued

    Twitter: @yourheartlines

    Caroline Calloway’s new face oil grift …..! truly ms calloway said she’d break the FDA regulations herself

    Twitter: @AmeliaHorgan

    Caroline Calloway's been influencing since 2012, but she burst into mainstream culture in 2019 when her $165 social media workshops in Brooklyn went viral for falling short on her many promises, and she first received the longtime label of "scammer."

    And things got even messier that same year when Caroline's former friend and alleged ghostwriter published a scathing essay in The Cut claiming to be the reason behind her success on Instagram.

    Despite all this, Caroline announced later on her IG story that all seven original Snake Oil bottles had immediately sold out, and she's now planning to sell even larger ones for $210 and eventually raise the price to $250 once there's an ingredients list and official packaging.

    And if her IG is any indication, she's loving the attention this is getting:

    Personally, I can't advocate for buying ANYTHING that doesn't have a complete ingredients list, especially when it involves putting it in and/or on your body, but what do you think of all this? Tell us in the comments.