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20 Cat Bleps That Only Make Them 1000% Cuter

Bleep bloop blep.

It's already been established that cats are pretty much perfect in every way, but I wanna take a second to zero in on one of their cutest features.

That's right, I'm talkin' about their bleps.

AKA, their tongues!!!

Look at 'em!

Just sticking out without a care in the world.

So pink...

...so precious...

...so perfect.

They be can out and proud...

...or just barely peeking....

...or even hanging out the side!

Either way, they never disappoint.

And they aren't just for little kitties.

BIG KITTIES like to blep too!

So just know, if you're ever lucky enough to see a cat's tongue...

...you are truly blessed.




Have a nice day!

H/T: r/blep