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20 Cat Bleps That Only Make Them 1000% Cuter

Bleep bloop blep.

It's already been established that cats are pretty much perfect in every way, but I wanna take a second to zero in on one of their cutest features.

musicsquidge / Via

That's right, I'm talkin' about their bleps.

livingto_love / Via

AKA, their tongues!!!

BHelaMe / Via

Look at 'em!

AyyyLMizelle / Via

Just sticking out without a care in the world.

haquimo_ / Via

So pink...

MeowslimClawric / Via precious...

rebirthofnova / Via perfect.

Tron-ClaudeVanDayum / Via

They be can out and proud...

BrainWeasel / Via

...or just barely peeking....

littlebittyoctober / Via

...or even hanging out the side!

shanster925 / Via

Either way, they never disappoint.

TheNameIsChops / Via

And they aren't just for little kitties.

PopDaKira / Via

BIG KITTIES like to blep too!

foredeck_union / Via

So just know, if you're ever lucky enough to see a cat's tongue...

harothecat3 / Via are truly blessed.

Game_shark5010 / Via


cuddles_like_a_rock / Via


3loodwolf117 / Via


twodadshuggin / Via

Have a nice day!

Paolipaoli / Via

H/T: r/blep