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    Here's 16 Weird And Totally Inappropriate Things Brides Actually Asked Their Bridesmaids To Do For Their Weddings

    These 'maids have been through it all.

    We asked the bridesmaids of the BuzzFeed Community to share the wildest things they were asked to do for a wedding. Here are the responses:

    1. These bridesmaids were put on cleaning and landscaping duty:

    "The bride made the bridesmaids clean and set up the entire venue the morning before the wedding. It was an outdoor/barn wedding. This meant weeding, mowing, sweeping, setting up tables, making place cards, etc. The issue wasn’t what we were doing, it’s what she was doing: She was at the ridiculously priced brunch that the bridal party reserved and paid for ALL of us to go to.

    The worst part is, she went full bridezilla on us for not showing up to brunch, after we prepped the venue like she'd demanded us to do."


    2. This bridesmaid was asked to cut her hair wayyyy short and also shamed for not being able to afford the bachelorette party:

    "My sister tried to convince me to cut my hair to a pixie cut (it was past my hips) and then threatened to kick me out of the wedding party if I didn't give her $500  for the bachelorette party. I was a college student struggling to pay rent, and $500 was a month's worth of rent for me. Needless to say, I was not in the wedding party."


    3. This bridesmaid was told to shorten her family vacation for the sake of the bachelorette party:

    "The bride told me to cut my family vacation to Disneyland short (I have two small children) to go to a bachelorette party that 'couldn’t be any other weekend than that one' when it was five months away and a year from the wedding date. My subsequent 'lack of enthusiasm' ruined an eight-year friendship."


    4. This bridesmaid was expected to REALLY empty her pockets:

    "The bride expected us to fund her bachelorette weekend and give her a private room with her fiancé (it was Jack and Jill bach party). She also wanted us to pay toward an excursion on her honeymoon and contribute to the wedding favors. I dropped out."


    5. This bridesmaid was asked to write the bride's vows:

    "I was the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding this last year. She and her now-husband have been together for six years and were high school sweethearts, so I knew him pretty well too. The day of the wedding, we were getting ready, and the bride leaned over to me and said, 'Can you write me some vows real quick?' Of course, being the best friend that I am, I wrote her some kickass vows that made her, the groom, all the parents, and the entire wedding party tear up. He loved the vows so much that he had them embroidered onto a pillow in their living room. Every time I visit, I just giggle to myself a little. It’s been over a year and he still doesn’t know that I’m the one that wrote her vows."


    6. This bridesmaid was asked to go in on a financial loan for the bride:

    "One bride, about three weeks out from the wedding, EMAILED me — she didn’t even have the cojones to ask me to my face — to cosign on a $5k loan! WHAT!? Hard no."


    7. This bridesmaid had to have every aspect of her outfit — including her wedding ring — screened by the bride:

    "I’m in a wedding at the end of this year, and the bride CANNOT make a decision to save her life. She's also rigorously screened every detail of our proposed outfits, from hair, to shoes, to earrings, to WEDDING RINGS, and rejects any accessory that makes the bridesmaids look 'too good' next to her."


    8. This bridesmaid was asked to forgo her vision on the big day:

    "I was asked not to wear my glasses on the big day. I have terrible vision and contact lenses irritate my eyes, so I spent the whole day tripping over things, bumping into people, and squinting to try and see the ceremony. The bride then asked me if I could stop 'scrunching up my eyes' because it was drawing people’s attention away from her and the groom."


    9. This bridesmaid was asked to hide her tattoos — and her entire relationship:

    "She asked me to pretend my girlfriend was just my friend since people may be uncomfortable with an LGBTQ relationship. Really?! And, cover all my tattoos. This was after I drove five hours to look at the venue with her, and then paid $1,500 plus for the hotel room, dress, hair, etc. She didn’t even come to say goodbye. She sent her sister."


    10. This bridesmaid was not only asked to hide her relationship, but also to bring a man instead:

    "I declined to be a bridesmaid when she said that it would look 'odd' if I was with my girlfriend in the photos, so I should find a man to bring instead. Unsurprisingly, the friendship is now over."


    11. This bridesmaid was asked to wear taller heels and then got in trouble for it:

    "The night before the wedding, the bride made all of the bridesmaids drop off their dresses, jewelry, and shoes in her hotel room so she could inspect everything and make sure it fit her 'vision.' I carefully followed her instructions, including the rule that we all had to wear heels despite me being 5'7" and the groomsmen I was paired with being barely over 5 feet tall. To help offset this a little, I went with a smaller peep-toe pump. The next morning, day of the wedding, she made one of the other bridesmaids call me to inform me that the heels I dropped off were the wrong color (nude instead of black) and the heel wasn’t tall enough. I had to scramble through my closet to find a heel that fit her demands and make the hair appointment on time. 

    At the ceremony, she complained that I was so much taller than the groomsman because she'd demanded sky high heels."


    12. This bridesmaid was asked to do the entire bridal party's makeup at the very, very last minute:

    "The bride didn't want to get her or the bridesmaids hair and makeup done professionally, so she asked me on the morning of the wedding to do everyone's hair and makeup. I know nothing about hair and makeup. Her reasoning for picking me was that I was used to having to wear makeup occasionally when I did theater shows. I did it, but it was very difficult given one of the bridesmaids had never worn makeup before in her life and kept flinching and squirming every time I got even close to her face."


    13. This bridesmaid was basically asked to pretend her fiancé didn't exist so there'd be an all-single wedding party:

    "I was single when the bride asked me to be in the bridal party. The wedding got postponed, and I ended up getting engaged a month before the wedding. She refused to invite my fiancé as she only wanted single people in the wedding party. The groom convinced her to let him come. What she didn't know was she had a knocked up, married bridesmaid, since we eloped two days before the wedding."


    14. This bridesmaid was asked to dye her hair so she'd look more like a member of the bride's family (???):

    "I was asked to dye my hair. The reason? Her whole family is blond and blue-eyed. She didn't want someone to think she asked someone who wasn't family to be in the wedding party. When I refused, she actually suggested a wig. She ended up with two brunettes in the group after her sister dyed her hair without knowing anything about the hair color rule."


    15. Meanwhile, this bridesmaid was basically asked to change her entire appearance:

    "My childhood friend asked me to be in her wedding on the condition that I dye my hair brown, start tanning, and get colored contacts. She said that my red hair would be a distraction to her guests, my skin would clash with the pale pink bridesmaid dress, and she wanted to be the only one in the wedding party with blue eyes. I told her no, and she couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t do three little things for her on her special day and bombarded me with texts for two weeks about how I was ruining her wedding. I blocked her after that."


    16. And finally, these bridesmaids were asked to help pay for everything — and I mean everything:

    "I was asked to be a bridesmaid and politely declined because she wanted her three bridesmaids to fund her entire bachelorette party getaway in a pricey beach town, and also contribute to the cost of her wedding dress, along with paying for our own dresses. She wasn’t close with her family."


    What's the wildest request you've gotten from a bride or groom? Share it in the comments!

    Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.