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Blogilates Has An Activewear Line Called POPLEX, So I Decided To Try It And See If It's Worth The Hype

After all this time, would Cassey lead me astray?

Hi, I'm Shelby and I've been a Blogilates stan for about eight years now. Here's the first-ever video I did on the floor of my college dorm room:

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Blogilates / Via

Annnd the rest is history.

Since then, Blogilates (Cassey Ho) has become one of the most popular fitness YouTubers out there, and she also launched an activewear line a few years ago called POPFLEX Active that sells leggings, sports bras, yoga mats, and accessories. I'd always been SO CURIOUS to know if it was actually worth it, especially since I love a good legging, but I was always too hesitant to stray from my tried-and-true activewear brands.

But that time has officially passed!!! I decided to test out POPFLEX once and for all to see if it actually lived up to its cult status online. And, of course, share my honest thoughts and opinions, so you don't have to spend years wondering like I did.

I decided to try the Hourglass Legging in Acai Marble print ($52) because it's a bestseller, and the Captivate Bra ($37) because who doesn't love a matching set? I also snagged one of the Vegan Suede Yoga Mats ($59) because my current mat was ready to retire, and people online seem to love them.

The yoga mat, sports bra, and leggings laid out on my bed

On my first try on, I loved the pattern and design. I usually go for all-black with my workout looks, so this was a nice change of pace. This was also my first time trying out a "crisscross" legging. The bra and leggings were apparently made with POPFLEX's "Buttersoft" fabric, and they were indeed very soft, but still thick.

Me wearing the bra and leggings. The bra and leggings have a marble print, the sports bra is slightly low-cut with a large key hole cutout in the back, and the leggings come down to my ankles and have a crisscross waistband

While the bra itself was super cute and comfy, the compression was just not there. Its description on the website says it has a "compressive fit" that makes it "good no matter what your movement," but the amount of stretch the bra had really had me thinking I should've sized down. For reference, my bra size is around a 34B.

Now, onto how the activewear actually performed! I'm still in physical therapy for hip surgery I had a few months ago, but at this point, it's more like a workout class with lots of lunges, squats, and core strengthening. I always leave dripping in sweat, so this seemed like a good test.

Me wearing the outfit and doing a step-up hold exercise with 10 pound weights in my hands

Throughout my PT session, the outfit held up pretty well! The material was decently sweat-wicking and didn't get too hot. Since there wasn't any kind of fast movement or jumping, both the leggings and bra lent themselves well to a low-impact workout.

Me wearing the leggings and bra and doing a groin stretch in the PT gym

HOWEVER, by the end of my exercises, I noticed that the fabric in the crotch of my leggings had started to bunch, giving me some cameltoe (major thumbs down 👎). I'm not going to include a picture here, because we all know what a cameltoe looks like (and if not, you're more than welcome to Google).

Me posing in the leggings with an "OMG" sticker over my crotch

Next up, it only made sense to wear my POPFLEX during some Blogilates videos! I even found one where Cassey and I were wearing the exact same outfit!!!

Me wearing the bra and legging and holding up my laptop to show Cassey in a Blogilates video also wearing the Captivate bra

During my Blogilates workout, I really did love how the fabric felt. Its softness and flexibility was perfect for movements like pilates and yoga. The move that required the most amount of compression from the bra was while holding planks, so it did the job! One annoying thing that I didn't love, though, was that the leggings' crisscross waistband kept folding down during a lot of the moves.

Me wearing the outfit and doing bicycle crunches on the POPFLEX yoga mat

This was also my first chance to try out the yoga mat! When I first unrolled it and ran my hands across it, I LOVED how velvety soft it felt. The print was super cute too!

The yoga mat laid out on the floor, with a whimsical floral print

But I was a little disappointed with the mat's thickness and squishiness. I was hoping to see my hand just sink into it. And, as you can see below, that did not happen. I still felt the hard ground beneath me as I did my planks.

Me pressing my hand into the mat and feeling minimal squishiness

Another positive, though, was that the bottom of the mat was pretty grippy. I was rolling around A LOT and changing into different pilates positions, and the mat stayed put and didn't slip once.

The bottom of the yoga mat, which is textured for grippiness

Since the first two activities I tried were pretty low impact, it was time to REALLY put the bra and leggings to the test and take them on a mile-long jog around my neighborhood. FWIW, I absolutely HATE running, but I also believe it's one of the best ways to gauge how good activewear really is. I did it for the content, and I did it for you.

Me posing in the bra and leggings with headphones on pre-run, still knowing peace

The leggings didn't have any pockets, so I resorted to storing my keys in the crisscross waistband. It worked in a pinch, but it's not something I'd recommend if your keys are any bigger than mine. Also, the waistband kept falling down as I ran, so I was constantly hiking it up. Did not love that.

My keys tucked into the waistband

And as for the bra, the lack of compression definitely became an issue. My boobies were bouncing around with reckless abandon! This wasn't the end of the world since they're pretty small, but for any larger-chested folks out there, I imagine this being very not-OK. Yet another instance where I felt I probably should've gotten a smaller size. Unfortunately, this outfit got a thumbs down from me for cardio. Sorry, Cassey.

Me, sweaty and tired after my run and giving a thumbs down

All in all, I enjoyed trying out POPFLEX for the first time! The fabric was comfy and felt high-quality, and I enjoyed laying on the super-soft yoga mat (although I STILL wish it was squishier). As for the multiple fit issues I encountered, I'd absolutely recommend sizing down if you're between sizes, especially for anything made with the Buttersoft fabric. And although my outfit was great for more low-impact exercises, I think for cardio, you'd be better off trying out one of POPFLEX's sturdier options or going with a different activewear brand altogether.

Me posing in the bra and leggings one last time

Let me know in the comments if you decide to try any POPFLEX products! I'd love to hear your thoughts.