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Tell Us Which TV Kiss Still Gets You Hot And Bothered

Kiss me, you fool.

After endless episodes and sometimes years and years of tension and buildup, is there anything better than seeing your two favorite characters kiss each other like they mean it? The answer is no.


And with so many amazing kissing scenes out there, I'd like to know: What's your all-time favorite TV kiss?

The CW

Maybe nothing will ever be steamier to you than Nick and Jess's first kiss in New Girl.


Or maybe you shed tears of joy when Omar and Ander finally kissed each other in a crowded club without fear in Élite.

Netflix / Via

Or maybe you cheered when Chidi finally planted one on Eleanor in The Good Place.


Or maybe you'll never forget where you were when you saw Chuck and Blair kiss in the limo for the first time (I know I won't).

The CW

Tell us which TV kiss you think is miles above the rest and why you feel that way in the comments below. We'll feature the best responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!