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    50 Pizzas To Eat In Every State, According To The People Who Live There

    When the moon hits your eye...

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the absolute BEST pizza in their state. Here are the spots that received the most love from the locals.

    1. Alabama: Post Office Pies in Birmingham and Avondale

    2. Alaska: Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria in Anchorage

    3. Arizona: Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix

    4. Arkansas: Damgoode Pies at multiple locations

    5. California: The Cheeseboard Collective in Berkeley

    6. Colorado: Brown Dog Pizza in Telluride

    7. Connecticut: Frank Pepe's at multiple locations.

    8. Delaware: Grotto Pizza at multiple locations

    9. Florida: Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza at multiple locations

    10. Georgia: Antico Pizza Napoletana in Atlanta

    11. Hawaii: Kona Brewing Company in Honolulu

    12. Idaho: The Pie Hole in Boise

    13. Illinois: Lou Malnati's in Chicago

    14. Indiana: Mother Bear's Pizza in Bloomington

    15. Iowa: Happy Joe's Pizza at multiple locations

    16. Kansas: Pizza Shuttle in Lawrence

    17. Kentucky: Miguel's Pizza in Slade

    18. Louisiana: Johnny's Pizza House at multiple locations

    19. Maine: Otto in Portland

    20. Maryland: Ledo Pizza at multiple locations

    21. Massachusetts: Regina Pizzeria in Boston

    22. Michigan: Buddy's Pizza at multiple locations

    23. Minnesota: Sammy's Pizza at multiple locations

    24. Mississippi: Stromboli's in Starkville

    25. Missouri: Imo's Pizza in St. Louis

    26. Montana: Howard's Pizza at multiple locations

    27. Nebraska: Valentino's Pizza at multiple locations

    28. Nevada: Naked City Pizza in Las Vegas

    29. New Hampshire: 900 Degrees in Manchester

    30. New Jersey: Papa's Tomato Pies in Robbinsville

    31. New Mexico: Cafe Rio Pizza in Ruidoso.

    32. New York: Artichoke Basille's Pizza in New York City

    33. North Carolina: Empire Pizza in Jacksonville

    34. North Dakota: Rhombus Guys in Fargo and Grand Forks

    35. Ohio: Hounddog's Pizza in Columbus

    36. Oklahoma: Hideaway Pizza in Tulsa

    37. Oregon: Apizza Scholls in Portland

    38. Pennsylvania: Minneo's in Pittsburgh

    39. Rhode Island: Al Forno in Providence

    40. South Carolina: EVO Pizzeria in Charleston

    41. South Dakota: Lintz Bros. Pizza in Hermosa

    42. Tennessee: Five Points Pizza in Nashville

    43. Texas: Home Slice in Austin

    44. Utah: The Pie Pizzeria at multiple locations

    45. Vermont: Parker Pie Co. in West Glover

    46. Virginia: Bottoms Up Pizza in Richmond

    47. Washington: Pagliacci Pizza in Seattle

    48. West Virginia: DiCarlo's Pizza at multiple locations

    49. Wisconsin: Ian's Pizza at multiple locations

    50. Wyoming: Pizza Carrello in Gillette

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