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    People Are Sharing Subtle Signs That Show Someone's A Bad Person, And Here Are The Red Flags We Should All Watch Out For

    Keep these in mind!

    People are sharing the signs that show someone might not be a good person, and the responses are pretty telling.


    It all started when Reddit user u/tevrevt asked, "What are subtle signs that someone is a 'bad' person?" Other users quickly jumped in with the traits to watch out for. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "When they never take accountability for their actions. No matter the situation, it's always someone else’s fault."

    David from Schitt's Creek saying, "and whose fault is that?"

    2. "When you give them money and they don't even think about giving it back."


    3. "When they find out really personal information about you and use it against you in front of people, or at their sickest convenience."


    4. "Whenever someone else has an achievement or a problem, they try to one-up them. Like, for example, when you pass a difficult exam and are excited about it, and they talk about how they didn't study at all and got a 97%. It's just them constantly making others feel invalid and inferior."


    5. "When someone is a bad listener but likes to talk about themselves. It sounds like a minor thing, but at the core of it is a lack of empathy. It's an early sign of toxicity."

    Nene Leeks giving a side eye

    6. "When they only interact with you when it’s convenient for them, and they’re never happy for other people’s successes."


    7. "Whenever they use the excuse, 'I’ve got no filter.' That tends to go with people who do rude things just because they’re 'not supposed to' do them."


    8. "Someone who manipulates people by using threats of suicide or self-harm as a way to coerce them to do something."


    9. "If they litter."

    someone throwing a soda cup out of their car window
    Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

    10. "If every other sentence is something along the lines of 'I’m a good person,' they’re probably not a good person. Good people don’t typically feel the need to bring it up in every single conversation."


    11. "If they take small digs at you or your life, unprovoked, and doubt in your perception, or make you feel awful about being yourself."


    12. "When someone is unnecessarily rude to basic service staff like waiters/cashiers who are just trying their best."

    Brittany from superstore looking exhausted

    13. "Anyone who tells you that they'll never change. To me, they refuse to grow as a person."


    14. "When they bash all of your interests that they don't like and swear that they introduced you to the ones they do like."


    15. And finally, "When someone claims all of their friendships fail and they just can’t figure out why, it’s usually them. Your friendship will end the same way."

    Gretchen Weiners crying and saying, "i'm such a good friend"
    Paramount Pictures

    OK, definitely going to keep my eye out for these! Now it's your turn. Which subtle traits tell you that someone might not be a good person? Share them in the comments.

    Responses have been edited for length/clarity.

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