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    Here Are 19 Subtle Signs That Someone's Probably A Bad Person

    *Takes notes.*

    Not too long ago, I wrote up the subtle "bad person" traits people were sharing on this Reddit thread. It sparked even more responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community, so here are even more red flags to look out for when trying to spot a bad person:

    1. "When they don't return their shopping cart to the cart corral in the parking lot. It shows that they're too lazy and self-centered to do a small task that prevents damage to someone else's property."

    A lone abandoned shopping cart in a parking lot
    Sema Srinouljan / Getty Images/EyeEm


    2. "When they lie about really mundane, meaningless things. It might not seem like a big deal in the moment, but they're probably just not a truthful person in any situation."


    3. "Anyone who starts a sentence with 'I'm not racist, but...'"


    4. "When they refuse to wear a mask during a global pandemic."

    An elderly woman wearing a face mask
    Huizeng Hu / Getty Images


    5. "When someone constantly brings up the past. They can’t and won’t let it go, no matter how many times you explain and apologize, and they hold it against you every time."


    6. "When they don't think they've done anything wrong after saying something hurtful, and they just tell the person to 'get over it' or say something like, 'Why do you care what they say?' Because hurtful words HURT. THEY HARM PEOPLE."


    7. "If someone regularly complains about their friends behind their back to you, chances are they are complaining about you as well. Steer clear of people like this."


    8. "When someone writes you off as 'crazy' or 'dumb' for disagreeing with them. Instead of engaging in an argument or discussion, they try to win by diminishing your credibility and breaking down your confidence."

    A man telling his girlfriend, "you're just crazy."

    "For example:

    Me: 'I feel like you don’t listen to me.'

    Him: 'Are you crazy?! I ALWAYS pay attention to everything you say. Don’t be ridiculous.'"


    9. "They only do nice things when they want something in return."


    10. "When someone says 'lighten up' or 'it was just a joke' when they say something offensive. It's deflecting from the offended person's feelings, and it's an invalidation method. It's often used as a way for the toxic person to feel okay about making sexist/racist/homophobic-leaning jokes or micro-aggressions."


    11. "Bashing or being rude to service staff."

    Innovatedcaptures / Getty Images/iStockphoto


    12. "A subtle one is the person who acts very different around different groups. Like, they are a super-nice person around you, but then when they're in a group, they act like a jerk and say it's just an act for the 'guys' or whatever. Nah man, that's just you. And you're a jerk even if you're only a jerk 50% of the time."


    13. "I’m usually wary of people who say, 'I just call it as I see it' or 'I’m just blunt!' As if those are virtues. I feel like they use it as an excuse to hurt people’s feelings."


    14. "When all of their other relationships are toxic. Like, they don't have a great relationship with any of their other friends, and they don't have a great relationship with any of their family/chosen family."

    Bowen Yang on SNL saying, "you're toxic"

    15. "People who always have to one-up you. I have a work colleague who, if I mention I have a headache, has to counteract with all of her aches and pains and explain that what I feel can't possibly compare. It's not a competition."


    16. "When they constantly tell you how incredible they are (attractive, smart, etc). Some try to be subtle about it and will tell you stories about how others think they're so incredible, but it's the same principle."


    17. "People who pull the 'silent treatment.' You're a grown-ass adult. Stop acting like a 4-year-old."

    A woman signing to another women, "i can talk, i just don't want to talk to you"

    18. "When they’re rude to teachers for no reason. Like, when they try to be 'funny' but it’s not funny at all."


    19. And finally, "When they have to keep telling you something about themselves, it's usually a sign they're guilty of the thing they're trying to convince you they're not. Such as, 'I don't lie,' 'I'm not a liar,' 'I never lie,' 'I hate liars,' etc. That person is probably a pathological liar."

    Elle Woods

    Definitely going to keep an eye out for these! Okay, now let's change it up: What are some subtle signs/traits that someone's a really GOOD person? Share them in the comments!

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