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21 Reasons Why Voting Is The Most Arizona Thing You Can Do

It's a dry heat! Also, please vote.

Fellow Arizonans, the people of my home state, I'm here to ask you to please register to vote and VOTE in the 2020 US election. Why? Because voting is one of the most Arizona things you can do!

1. Voting is as Arizonan as holding your breath every time you drive through the tunnel on the I-10 freeway.

Imgur / Via

2. It's as Arizonan as burning your hands on the steering wheel every time you get into your car in the summer...

Don't you love it when the steering wheel is hot as a frying pan! #fingersareburning

3. ...and burning your naked thigh on a piping hot seatbelt buckle.

Pretty sure this is the craziest burn I've ever gotten. Burned myself on my seatbelt buckle while gettin in my car

4. It's as Arizonan as dropping an egg on the sidewalk to see if it'll actually cook.


confirmed... AZ is THAT hot. i cooked a friggin egg on the street #foryou#foryoupage#arizonacheck

♬ aRiZoNa ChECk - Tik Toker

5. It's as Arizonan as telling everyone you've ever met that even though it's hot, it's totally fine because "it's a dry heat!"


6. It's as Arizonan as waiting for monsoon season so you can look out your window and stare at the haboobs...


7. ...and enjoying the amazing smell that comes right after every thunderstorm.

TriStar Pictures

8. It's as Arizonan as getting irrationally angry any time Californians or Texans even THINK about complaining about how hot it is where they live...


Reuploading sense Arizona is a thing again #arizona #az #arizonacheck #funny #california #summer #dutchbros

♬ original sound - Chelsea Curran

9. ...and being super dramatic any time the temperature drops.


Only people from AZ will get this #4you #4upage #foryou #arizona #az #azliving #azlivin #arizonachallenge

♬ original sound - Justin Crews

10. It's as Arizonan as acting like it's the end of the world and completely forgetting how to drive every time it rains.

Universal Pictures

11. It's as Arizonan as going up north every year to go skiing and snowboarding because yes, we do have snow.


12. It's as Arizonan as eating a big, fat cheese crisp and washing it down with a prickly pear margarita.

13. It's as Arizonan as enjoying a refreshing Eegee's slushie on a blazing 115 degree day.

14. It's as Arizonan as seeing a coyote in your backyard and thinking it's NBD.


15. It's as Arizonan as rejoicing when the snowbirds finally leave and traffic gets cut in half.


16. It's as Arizonan as chowing down on a Sonoran hot dog while you watch a spring training game.

17. It's as Arizonan as laughing at everyone else who still has to deal with Daylight Savings Time.


18. It's as Arizonan as seeing a tumbleweed fly across the road and thinking nothing of it.

Sometimes I think Arizona has a lot of stereotypes that aren't true until I see a tumbleweed in the middle of the road

19. It's as Arizonan as enjoying the golden comedy provided by the ADOT signs above the freeway.

20. It's as Arizonan as trying to calculate how old you'll be when your driver's license finally expires.

Me: "Arizona will be unlivable by 2050" Raquel: "Before my drivers license expires!" My expiration date is 2056

21. And finally, voting is as Arizonan as laughing to yourself every time someone brags about their state having great sunsets, because you know ours are the best.


ARIZONA CHECK 🌞🌵#AZ #arizona #tempe #asu

♬ original sound - Edward :)

So, please, be a true Arizonan and register to vote today! It only takes a few minutes and the deadline is approaching fast. You can visit And Still I Vote for registration help and resources. Also, make sure to brush up on who's and what's on the Arizona ballot this year!

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