21 Moments From "America's Next Top Model" That Prove Just How Wild (And Sometimes Problematic) It Was

    How did any of this make it to air?

    It's been made pretty clear that many moments on America's Next Top Model did not age well, to say the least. Well, TikTok has noticed too, and I just couldn't keep these to myself. Here are some moments that I still can't believe weren't a fever dream:

    2. When Miss J wasn't feeling Xiomara's walk, so he decided to get brutally honest:

    3. When a confused Kristi showed us just how much she loved the US of A:


    the girls on this show just absolutely baffle me sometimes ##antm

    ♬ sonido original - candyelemental

    4. When Tyra pulled this switcheroo on the contestants:

    6. When Tyra had...this response to Kim's identity:

    7. When this contestant wanted what Tyra had:

    8. When someone decided THIS was a good idea for a photo shoot:

    9. And this was how that photo shoot played out:

    11. Also, when THIS was approved to be an actual photo shoot:

    12. And this was how THAT ONE played out:


    Tyra honestly needs to do jail time for this ... Like GASP. The noughties were wild man I ... ##fyp ##antm ##wtf ##shocking

    ♬ original sound - justsammorris

    13. When these stilettos were an actual safety hazard:


    enjoy this one of them falling... ##fyp ##antm

    ♬ original sound - uwumoments

    14. When the striking 2000s fashion trends jumped right out:

    15. When this chick basically just wasn't feelin' it and gave us this iconic soundbite:


    after work i get bored and watch antm only to see how problematic and questionable it is

    ♬ original sound - bellacarr44

    16. When the judges decided to compare the models' natural and retouched photos:

    17. When this girl should probably have just stopped talking:

    19. When Miss J had an absolutely perfect response:

    20. When Claire decided to slide right in:


    “My head hurts” antm got me all the way allllll the wayyyyy fucked up ##antm

    ♬ original sound - charlottereiid

    21. And finally, when Yaya put everyone in their place, aka where they belonged: