People Are Sharing The Wildest Behavior They've Seen From People In MLMs, And I'm Sorry, But No Amount Of Free Leggings Is Worth This Kind Of Embarrassment

    Please don't use the death of a friend as an opportunity to post about a "giveaway."

    In case you didn't know, a multilevel marketing company (aka an MLM) is a company that emphasizes both direct sales and recruiting other people to join the company and work under you so you can also receive a percentage of profit from the inventory they buy and sell.

    MLMs have been around for decades. One of the most well-known MLMs is LuLaRoe, a leggings company that has had a ton of scandals in recent years and ultimately had to pay over $4 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed it was running a pyramid scheme*. But trust me, there are plenty of others out there!

    Because of the pressure MLMs place on their reps to sell inventory and recruit more people, their marketing tactics can sometimes be...a lot. Here are some examples:

    1. This MLM'er who actually used the death of a friend's daughter as an opportunity to try and sell product:

    A post that says their friend's child died in a hit and run, then says to cheer her up, people can comment below and be entered for a chance to win free leggings

    2. This MLM'er who tried to pitch their products and offer a "skin consult" to a professional esthetician:

    3. These MLM'ers who legit got banned for using dating apps to try and recruit people:

    4. This MLM'er who *casually* tried to slip in their pitch at the end:

    Someone commenting on what dress looks best on someone, then ending by saying they could also use makeup and going into a sales pitch about their makeup brand

    5. This MLM'er who targeted cancer patients with a "chemo care package":

    Someone saying their chemo care package is helping people with cancer, then linking out to a website advertising the products in the care package

    6. This MLM'er who pretended to make friends just so she could try and recruit:

    A mom met a fellow mom on the playground, gave her phone number, then got called the next day, with her new friend saying she wanted to introduce her to her mentor

    7. This MLM'er who passed out product instead of candy on Halloween:

    A picture of a something labeled as a multivitamin gummy dietary supplement

    8. This MLM'er who sent this pitch to someone they used to bully AND forgot to include their name:

    A long pitch about a diet plan that starts by saying "hi insert name here"

    9. This MLM'er who wouldn't take no for an answer (but kept acting like they would):

    A person says they're not interested in becoming a consultant, and the other person responds that a catalog has already been shipped to them but they can move on afterward
    The same person sends another text about their products to the same recipient, this time from a different number
    The recipient once again asks to not receive these texts, and the person replies that their virtual assistant can't manually unsubscribe them

    10. This MLM'er who actually suggested someone put cleaning product in a cake:

    A person claiming their grandmother keeps cakes moist by adding a drop of a specific plant-based cleaner

    11. This MLM'er who chose a VERY inappropriate day to promote their products:

    Someone who posted an image for national pregnancy and infant loss awareness day that advertised four types of press-on fingernails

    12. This MLM'er who tried to disguise selling their products as a "donation":

    Someone asking people to "adopt a grandparent" and donate $20 for them to provide lotion to older people

    13. This MLM'er who really expected us to believe they didn't just toast half the bread:

    A picture of a half-toasted piece of bread with someone claiming the other half is untoasted because of a specific brand of heat protectant they used on it

    14. This MLM'er who posted this sales pitch on social media after her community flooded from a hurricane:

    Someone claiming that their blend of essential oils can stop mold spores from growing in houses after they've been flooded

    15. This MLM'er who still found time to post about her company, even when her son was missing:

    Someone talking about the goals their company has set for them and that the president of the company checked on them during a rough week they were having
    A conversation that shows the reason the person had a rough week was because of their son, who someone had heard about in a neighboring city

    16. This MLM'er who shared this totally true and not made up story about their delivery man:

    A person talking about the brand they sell and claiming a FedEx driver said they deliver more of it than anything else and that it always makes people happy, so must be good
    The story finishes by claiming the FedEx driver said he and his wife both need to try the product and to tell their company thank you

    17. This MLM'er who tried to recruit someone through Goodreads:

    18. And finally, this MLM'er who actually bragged about wearing some of their product to a funeral:

    Someone posting about the product and outfit they wore to a funeral, then finishing the post with several lines of hashtags

    What's the wildest behavior you've seen from someone in an MLM? Tell us in the comments.

    H/T: r/antiMLM