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    20 Things Men Said To Women During Childbirth That Prove They Haven't Got A Clue

    It's called "perspective," sweetie. Look it up!

    I've personally never been in labor, but I feel like I've heard enough firsthand accounts to understand that for many, it can be an excruciating experience. I've also learned that when it comes to childbirth, men generally have zero fucking clue.

    TikToker and momma @sydneylaurenco decided to shed some light on this little conundrum when she challenged other moms to share the "most annoying thing your husband did while you were in labor."

    She then kicked it off with her very own annoying story: "I had my daughter 4 weeks early. I had to be induced; the pain was so bad I had to wait until I was 6 centimeters dilated before I got an epidural, so it was probably the longest time I'd been in that much pain. I was throwing up and couldn't even cry — that's how much pain I was in. And before the nurse left the room, my husband was like, 'Hey, before you leave, do you think I could get an allergy pill? Because my allergies are killing me.'"


    Pretty soon, fellow moms like @abi.twinsmom chimed in with their own stories: "After 16 hours (9 of them being unmedicated), my husband cut the cord, they got the baby breathing, and he then comes up to me and says, ‘I did good, didn’t I? I cut the cord, and I watched the whole thing, and I didn’t even pass out! I did good, didn’t I?!’”

    And also, @itsme_mrsp: "During one of the most intense parts of my last labor, I was contracting maybe every two minutes, or even less than that. My husband looked over at me and said, 'Well babe, I'm gonna go ahead and take a nap, so I can be ready.' I still wonder, to this day, what he was preparing for except to watch me push."

    But the best examples of Men Behaving Badly™ came from the comments section of @sydneylaurenco's video, which made me want to strap each of these dads up to a birth simulator STAT:

    "My husband shushed me and I yelled at him for it"
    "My ex rolled his ankle and complained about it hurting, saying 'you have no idea how much this hurts.' I had my child naturally"
    "My husband told me the pain was in my head and if I thout about something else, it would go away"
    "My ex slept through the birth of my daughter, he went home to nap and turned his phone off, I've never been more angry in my life"
    "Mine asked if I knew how much longer it would take"
    "My now-ex didn't believe I was in labor and got mad i wouldn't let him stop for food. i had the baby 20 minutes after arriving. 20 year later I'm still mad"
    "he went to a pizza place with his friends while I was in labor"
    It was during lockdown, I was in labor and he wasn't allowed to leave. He had the audacity to complain that he wasn't allowed to go outside and smoke"
    "My husband looked at me during active labor and said, 'Well you're the one who wanted to have a baby. I went from zero to angry in 2.5 seconds"
    "Mine asked for pain pills because his tooth was hurting him. How he's breathing I have no idea"
    My baby daddy showed up drunk 29 hours into my labor (33 hours total) and tried to tell me I was being dramatic because it couldn't hurt 'that bad'"
    He ate Arby's in from of me right after they told me I couldn't eat. He also slept through most of the night and had the audacity to say he was tired"
    "Mine had the nerve to complain about how uncomfortable the couch was and how much his back hurt"
    Mine slept until I started pushing
    Every time I had a contraction my husband would sing 'LOVE THAT CHICKEN FROM POPEYES'"
    I was in active labor and the hospital was 30 minutes away, and he insisted on stopping at Blockbuster to return a video to avoid the late fee

    And finally...

    "He told me to sleep on the couch so he can sleep on the hospital bed after my 21 hours of labor. He said, 'You had the baby, so I can lay down now'"

    Quick pro tip for all my dads and dads-to-be out there: If your partner is giving birth and you're thinking about doing or saying something along these lines, maybe have a little perspective for a sec and...don't.

    Did your partner say or do something totally annoying while you were in labor? Share it in the comments.

    TikTok transcripts have been edited for length/clarity.