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    18 Real Addictions That Society Treats As Completely Normal For Some Reason

    I think we're all a little addicted to caffeine.

    Addiction is a pretty serious issue in society, and there are plenty of addictions that carry a lot of stigma. But what about the addictions that are kinda treated like they're NBD?

    Reddit user u/Russian_lover1 opened up a pretty interesting conversation when they asked people to share the addictions they think are accepted as normal in society. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Caffeine is probably the most widely-accepted addiction. It’s no big deal when someone says, 'Man I can’t even think until I’ve had a cup of coffee.' Replace coffee with almost anything else addictive, and you’ve got yourself an intervention."

    pouring coffee

    2. "Shopping. I don't think a lot of people even realize this is a thing. My ex-husband had a shopping addiction and it ended up costing me a ton of money over the years, plus when we divorced."

    Cher shopping in clueless

    3. "Phones. I'm addicted to mine, my girl's addicted to hers, along with my siblings, parents, friends, and most people I know. The first thing we do when we wake up is check our phones, it's the last thing we do when we go to sleep, and we check them every time something isn't happening. I'm not saying phones are bad, but there's a real issue with addiction to them."

    woman on phone while in bathtub

    4. "Sugar. It doesn't help that the food industry dumps tons of sugar into foods for the sole purpose of making them addictive."

    A giant pile of sugar

    5. "Alcohol. It's insanely abused, and yet I'm the weird one for not drinking."

    A bunch of guy friends drinking at a bar together

    6. "Functional gambling. If you pay all your bills and buy groceries, people don't seem to bat an eye when you blow the rest of your paycheck at the casino."

    Someone gambling at a slot machine

    7. "Definitely materialism. The overuse of phones and social media, traveling just to have pictures to post online, and having expensive items to show wealth and a high social status."

    A woman vlogging in Vienna, Italy

    8. "Wine. Being a 'wine mom' is a fun, quirky expectation, with cutesy artwork and decor showcasing how much you love wine."

    Amy Schumer downing a giant glass of wine

    9. "Pornography. Just like alcohol, you can probably consume without being an addict. But, just like alcohol, you don't need to be an addict for it to be unhealthy."

    An iphone app that says "PORN"

    10. "Being a workaholic. It's just as destructive as drinking daily, and will absolutely send you into an early grave."

    A tired, haggard looking man on phone at the office

    11. "Marijuana. Nobody talks about this! They'll say things like, 'it's natural,' 'it's impossible to be addicted,' and 'I'm not hurting anyone by getting my child high and smoking around them.'"

    A woman smoking a joint

    12. "Junk food. No one really cares if you kill yourself with shitty food. I could leave right now and get a 2,000-calorie meal for under $10 at 3 a.m. I find that junk food is not only accepted, but also treated as a reward and trained into our lives from a young age."

    A fast food meal of friend chicken and fries

    13. "Despite the odds, nicotine. Thanks to vaping, it’s still going strong."

    A business man smoking a vape

    14. "Tattoos. You can’t stop at just one."

    A tattoo artist tattooing a full sleeve

    15. "Hustle culture and the constant obsession with self-improvement, only to end up upset because you never feel good enough. It's okay, you're human. Self-improvement has become an epidemic."

    Lady bird and her mom having the "best version of yourself" conversation in lady bird

    16. "Television. If you tell someone you binge-watched a whole season of a show in a day, they'll be totally fine with that. That's usually like 13 hours of TV, and yet no one will even question it, other than to find out what awesome show it was so they can do it too. Tell someone you just played 13 hours of video games, and they'll look at you like you're throwing your life away."

    woman watching tv

    17. "Health and weight obsession. As in, people counting calories for everything, and feeling the need to exercise in order to compensate for the sauce they put in their salad. I'm not talking about people eating healthy and exercising normally, I'm talking about people who are obsessed with it."

    A woman saying, "do you know how many calories you're talking about?

    18. And finally, "Approval. It's what drives social media, and many industries thrive off of it (clothing, cosmetics, tech, etc.). It's also why kids and adults alike develop social media-derived anxieties that bleed into school, work, real life, and their social circles. It's strangely widely accepted that we must dress in the newest trends, keep up with celebrity gossip, have the newest cell phones, etc. All just to 'fit in.'"

    A group of teenage girls checking social media on their phones

    What are some addictions you think are accepted as normal in society? Share them in the comments.

    Note: Responses have been edited for length/clarity.