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If You've Had An Abortion, We'd Like To Hear About Your Experience

Reproductive rights are human rights, plain and simple.

Earlier this month, Texas passed a 6-week abortion ban that not only makes abortion illegal after 6 weeks of pregnancy, but also doesn't make any exceptions in the case of rape or incest. It's a direct attack on reproductive rights, and I can't believe we're still contending with this in the year 2021.

A protester with a sign that says "no texas abortion ban"
Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

And the sad reality is, Texas isn't the only place with stringent (and in my personal opinion, criminal) laws in place when it comes to accessibility to abortions and reproductive care. So, if you've had an abortion, we'd like to know: How difficult was it, both logistically and emotionally?

A clothing hanger that says "warning: this is not a surgical instrument"
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Maybe the length of your pregnancy was already past the grace period where you lived, so you had to travel to a totally different state or country to find access.

A woman looking out the window on a plane
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Or perhaps the law required you to undergo a mandatory ultrasound and "counseling" on your decision before a healthcare provider could even get the ball rolling on your procedure.

a closeup of a man performing an ultrasound on a woman's stomach area
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Or maybe you got pregnant during a financially challenging time in your life, so you had to frantically scrape together the money needed to pay the fee in time.

A crumpled up dollar bill
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Or perhaps your abortion was as simple as taking a pill and taking a few days off work.

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We want to hear your stories and your perspective. Tell us about your experience getting an abortion in the comments below, or fill out this form if you'd rather stay anonymous. We'll feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.