I Need You To Stop What You're Doing Immediately And Look At These 17 Super-Interesting Photos

    Currently wishing it still cost less than $15,000 to buy a house.

    1. This photo of a penguin's coat of feathers:

    Close-up of the feathers above the fat layer of a penguin's skin

    2. This newspaper announcing the polio vaccine in 1955:

    Herald-Express headline: "Polio Terror Defeated; Vaccine Is Successful: Salk Serum 80-90 Pct Effective"

    3. This photo of Niagara Falls frozen solid:

    The water turned to snow and ice, including the frozen cascading waterfalls

    4. This wild mutation of a crocodile's tail:

    A crocodile's tail that looks like a fish tail

    5. This photo of Albert Einstein's desk, taken the day he died:

    A desk with many papers on it in front of a chair and a blackboard with writing on it, and magazines, journals, and papers on shelves on either side

    6. This photo of heated floors before the surface is installed:

    A complex, circular circuitry

    7. This piece of material painted with a paint that's so black, it literally looks like a void:

    A person holding a round, flat black object

    8. This passage that shows the evolution of the English language:

    The 23rd Psalm from Old English to Middle English to the King James Bible version to modern English, a period of over 1,000 years, from 800 to 1989

    9. This X-ray of a 16-month-old child who swallowed a keychain:

    A key chain in front of lungs in an X-ray

    10. This photo showing the difference in shoes worn with a flesh leg and a prosthetic leg after a full year:

    The moccasin-type shoe is more worn by the regular leg and foot than by the prosthetic leg and foot

    11. This McDonald's stash that someone in Russia stockpiled in anticipation of all McDonald's stores in the country permanently closing:

    A refrigerator packed with wrapped burgers alongside other food

    12. This artist's drawing progress between ages 15 and 25:

    A basic drawing of a dog on the left and a much more detailed, lifelike drawing of a dog on the right

    13. This photo of the same whale taken 35 years apart:

    Outline of a whale's tail in 1985 and 2020, emerging from the water

    14. This photo of Norma Jeane DiMaggio's (aka Marilyn Monroe) Pentagon ID card:

    15. This photo of an eye after a cornea transplant:

    Close-up of an eye with sutures around the iris

    16. This cost of living guide from 1959 that has me crying in 2022:

    A new house was $12,400, average annual income was $5,016, average rent was $97 a month, and eggs were 29 cents per dozen, among other costs

    17. And finally, this Burger King that dressed up as a McDonald's for Halloween:

    A white plastic cover with "McDonald's" written on it covering the Burger King restaurant, with "eyes" showing part of the Burger King logo
    A takeout box with "McDonald's" written on it, with the Burger King logo visible through two "eye" holes
    The open box, with "Boooooo!!! Happy Halloween" written on the inside cover and a Whopper inside

    H/T: r/Damnthat'sinteresting.