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7 Things I've Recently Learned

Over the last few weeks, I've learned some rather useful things that school couldn't teach me.

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1. One close friend is better than a whole group


One close friend is all you really need to survive the four years of high school. Having a large group is nice, but having that one close friend that you can tell literally everything to is so much nicer, and has basically no drama.

3. Accept who you are.


There is only so much about who you are that you can change, and in the end it really doesn't change much.

You can change your hair and your clothes, thats pretty much is.

Accepting who you are can relieve so much stress.

5. You do not need to be in a relationship.


Being in a relationship is nice, but you do not need to be in one.

You do not need a boy (or girl) at your side all four years of your high school life.

You do not need to be in one to be happy.

6. People will come and go.


People will randomly walk into your life, making it wonderful, and then just get up and leave.

It happens more than one would think and it does suck majorly, but its something that happens for a reason unknown and you must learn to deal with it.

7. Sleep cures almost anything.


Whether its stress over the latest test coming up, or a broken friendship/relationship, or even if you're just sick. Taking a day off and sleeping in will most likely cure it or lighten the load a little so you can start functioning correctly once more.

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