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Ryan Gosling's Reaction To Emma Stone Is Hilariously Adorable

It is like he's thinking, "what is wrong with this girl?"

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SAG Awards

Emma was being her adorable, quirky self stumbling upon her words as she received her SAG award. The camera showed Ryan's expression while she was speaking and this isn't the first time we have seen this look on his face while Emma spoke with such "grace".

La La Land Premiere

Emma was doing an interview on the carpet and Ryan walked up from behind and gave her the look, then proceeded to walk away without saying a word. It was adorable as Emma turned around and said "Ry" about three times trying to get him to come back and was unsuccessful.

Of course, they support each other and totally get one another even despite Ryan's look. Emma and Ryan have this unexplainable chemistry on screen and a hilariously great friendship off screen. Emma is so dorky and Ryan is never shy to share a facial expression or two.

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