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Instagrammable Minnesota Spots

You like doing nature things? Like taking Instagrams of waterfalls and captioning it "sorry TLC we did chase waterfalls" Well then this post is perfect instaspiration for you!

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Palisade Head, Duluth


Risk your life by jumping onto the ledge that looks as if it could fall at any moment but that insta is gonna look mad legit. I mean look at the mix of rocks, trees, and lake background, you have it all.

Lone Lark Park, Hopkins


Secluded walking trail that will satisfy your need for greenery. Perfect Sunday afternoon stroll for when you had a rough Saturday night and want to feel like you are using your time wisely on earth.

Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis


This is a given, a right of passage if you live in Minnesota. You walk down stairs, take the pic, and then realize that took no time at all and just go back home. No further details needed.

Lutsen Lodges, Lutsen

Shelby Henderson

This is your dream cabin by the lake getaway when you are over city life. It has a A1 brunch in the morning and tons of rocks by the lake to make rock sculptures with! Take a cute pic in those two chairs and you are golden

Grand Portage, Up North by Canada Border


This is the GOAT of all waterfalls Minnesota. And if you are lucky, you are able to capture the waterfall AND a rainbow! Just a casual 5 hour drive along the beautiful north shore/lake superior road. Score!

Gooseberry Falls


Gooseberry Falls is your first stop on your Duluth/North Shore weekend trip. It is a perfect starting point to get your trail walking, babbling brook, and the waterfall all in one. Combo pack right here.

Lake Superior Rocky Shoreline


Honestly the Lake Superior shoreline offers the best selection of rocks. We spent literally most of our trip making sculptures and skipping rocks. Very soothing color pallete

Garvin Heights


When you are up so high, the town looks like miniature toy town you would see in the window display during the holidays. The mixture of leaves and the river and the little houses are just too much too handle

Ritter Farm, Lakeville

Some people closed off a few acres of land with rolling hills and was like k this is a trail now, use it and feel useful. Surprisingly, v easy to get lost in. 9/10. Makes for a great horror movie backdrop location tho

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