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    8 Things You Need To Know Before Studying In Florence

    I wish my advisor would have told me this!

    1. The "Florence 15"

    Just like the good ole' freshman, the Florence 15 can sneak up on you.

    But who cares, you're in freakin Italy!

    The pizza is amazing, and so is gelato, prosciutto, pasta, picorino, vino, bread, bread, bread......

    Here's a list of gyms in Florence to keep that belly in check
    Work it Out Here

    2. Clubs = Ehhhhh

    Don't get me wrong, clubs in Florence stay open FOREVER.

    You see that cute guy in your program and you're like

    Until you turn around to this wall of creepy men...

    And you give them one of these

    Maybe opt for some live music every now and again
    Florence Night Life

    3. Dress the Part

    I'm all for individuality, but if your daily wardrobe consists of short-shorts, neon tops, and stilettos, you might be attracting the wrong kind of attention in Florence.

    (those shoes are probably really cute, but you will break your ankle)

    If you don't want Italian Ryan Gosling to judge you click below
    How to Dress in Florence

    4. O-F-F is Your New B-F-F

    You guys will do everything together.

    Unless you like looking like a 3rd grader who recently contracted the chicken pox.

    5. Shoes

    The cobblestones warped all of my flats:(

    I ended up throwing them away!

    My advice, buy shoes when you get there.

    SO MANY Shoe Stores!

    6. Dogs, They're Everywhere

    If you're a dog lover like me you are in luck! They are everywhere in Florennce.

    Unfortunately, so is their poop.

    7. Get a SIM card

    It might be easy to get the phone provided by your program but it could end up costing you. Those text and international fees really add up.

    ^Me when I found out my bill was $200, one month.

    There are several phone companies in Italy that provide SIM cards such as TIM, Vodafone, and Tre
    This is what I will be purchasing!

    8. Lasting Friendships

    Even though it's only a semester, you'll develop "you-better-be-at-my-wedding" friendships.

    And you'll develop inside jokes that no one else gets.

    And when you return...
    They will be the only ones who get your depression and constant cravings for Gusta Pizza.