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13 Possible Fall Replacements For #PumpkinSpice

You basic white girls status is not contingent upon your love of Pumpkin Spice. This is a safe space.

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1. Fall Leaves


As a Flavor: I would say, no...

As a Scent: Yes. It maybe a little earthy, but it takes you back to a simpler time of jumping into decaying plants...

Replacement Score: 3

2. Apple Cider

As a Flavor: It's a beverage that has been brewed forever, and tastes great when alcoholic- which you can't even say for #PS.

As a Scent: Smells like a long day at the orchard has come to an end. And you are curling up with your love and talking about life.

Replacement Score: 8.5

3. Halloween Candy



As a Scent: The distinct smell of peanuts, nougat, caramel, and salt all swirled together in a chocolate wrapper, with tinges of artificially fruity treats.

Replacement Score: 6

4. Orange Clove


As a Flavor: Tea cakes or muffins, maybe. But I can't help but feel like it would taste like perfume..

As a Scent: THE most underrated scent of Fall.

....The sweet citrus mulled into the richness of cloves....*sniffs deeply*

Replacement Score: 7.5

5. Roast Turkey


As a Flavor: If you a vegetarian, I feel bad for you son. I got fixin's to eat when this turkey is done!

...And it's DELICIOUS.

As a Scent: Probably wouldn't light a candle of this, but it sure does smell good.

Replacement Score: 5.5 (Roast Turkey candle anyone?)

6. Fireplace


As a Flavor: "Can I please have a venti Fireplace Latte?"......No.

As a Scent: Deep woodsy smell, contained into the coziness of your home (or mountain cottage). You can smell it right now, can't you?

Replacement Score: 5

7. Hot Cocoa


As a Flavor: This is an opportunity to drink chocolate, and it is perfect. Also it's absolutely perfect for mixing with coffee.

As a Scent: Warm, smooth, creamy, chocolate with just a hint of sugary marshmallow...

Replacement Score:

8. Warm Cranberry

As a Flavor: Warm cranberry sauce, in all of it's delicious glory. It may not make much of a latte, though.

As a Scent: Cranberry mixed with orange, cloves, and cinnamon....Oh, and heaven..

Replacement Score: 7

9. Cornfield


As a Flavor: Corn itself is delicious. The field, not so much.

As a Scent: It has a distinct smell, sure, but it isn't really all that pleasant.

Score of Replacement: 2

11. Cherry Pie

As a Flavor: Oh God, yes....just don't think about American Pie and this scent will be perfect.

As a Scent: Pretty darn good, can sometimes be a little sweet..

Replacement Score: 8 (can't get past the American Pie)

12. Cold Night

As a Flavor: I have no idea how this could be a flavor. Maybe you could eat an ice cube?

As a Scent: Though this could never be a candle, anyone who says this doesn't have a scent is lying...

Replacement Score: 3

Literally the most impractical alternative.

13. Apple Cinnamon


As a Flavor: Apple pie, apple fritters, apple turnovers, apple crumble, apple cake, apple donuts, all coated in cinnamon sugar goodness...I would say, yes.

As a Scent: You may have to use a towel to clean up your drool from smelling this deliciousness all day.

Replacement Score: 11..this is actually better than Pumpkin Spice.

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