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12 Halloween TV Episodes You Must Watch Today

Halloween isn't the same without candy, candy, more candy, and these specials.

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1. Scooby Doo "Fear in the Phantom"

The first episode we are ever introduced to the ICONIC Hex Girls.

2. Glee "Rocky Horror Glee Show"

It's just a jump to your left, a step to your right, and a few clicks of the TV to do the Time Warp Glee style.

3. The Big Bang Theory "The Middle Earth Paradigm"

"We can't all be the flash."

4. Bob's Burgers "Teen-a Witch"

Tina, witchcraft, Halloween...say no more.

5. Black-ish "The Purge"

"Dear Dad, I know how much you love to eat nuts."

6. How I Met Your Mother "Slutty Pumpkin"

The Hanging Chad and the Slutty Pumpkin are a match made in Halloween heaven.

7. New Girl "Keaton"

“I guess I’ll always be the fat boy who eats fat-boy cheese.”- Micheal Keaton's biggest fan

8. The Office "Costume Contest"

$15,000 Prize!!! (in coupons)

9. The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror I-XXVIII"

Just watch all of won't regret it.

10. South Park "Hell on Earth 2006"

Satan as Britney Spears. Hit it baby, one more time.

11. Sabrina the Teenage Witch "A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It"

Unfortunately, they got the talking furniture...

12. Parks & Rec "Meet N' Greet"

Fake blood capsules? Check.

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