9 Fool-Proof Excuses To Get You Out Of A Bad Date (As Told By Puppies)

Nothing sucks more than going on a terrible date and not having a legitimate way to get yourself out of it… So always be prepared and use this list as a handy little guide!

1. Be On Your Phone Nonstop

text the entire time and act completely annoyed when your date tries to talk to you.

2. Excuse Yourself

go to the bathroom and come back clenching your tummy…
nothing says i’m sick better than pretending you either threw up or went #2!

3. Fake Narcolepsy

just pass out mid-conversation, but before your date calls the paramedics, wake up and inform them of your “neurological disorder”.

4. Hook Them Up With A Friend

show your lack of interest by mentioning that you have a friend that would be perfect for them!

5. Make A Friend Call

have a prewritten text message ready to be sent to make sure one of your BFFE’s calls you with some sort of an emergency…

6. Mention Leaving Early

prior to making the plans, tell your date that you might have to leave early, just in case the date goes sour…

7. Randomly Start Crying

nothing says “red flag” like an unstable cry baby…
and when they ask “What’s wrong?”, make sure to tell them you don’t know!

8. Tell The Truth

be straightforward…
chances are they’re not feeling it either and your honesty will be appreciated.
just don’t be rude and hurt their feelings!

9. And If All Else Fails, Leave Through The Backdoor


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