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Unusual Attractions In Singapore – Weird & Wonderful

While Singapore’s main attractions are readily featured in travel guides and blogs, the Lion City still has some “secrets” for intrepid travellers to discover. Here are some lesser known, though quite captivating sites well worth checking out.

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Mint Museum of Toys

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Featuring more than 50,000 vintage and classic toys from around the world, this museum will have the young and young at heart in raptures of delight. You can look forward to seeing all your favourite characters from Batman to Dan Dare and Mickey Mouse to Astro Boy.

Haw Par Villa

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Featuring quite graphic depictions of the Buddhist version of hell, Haw Par Villa will certainly make for a unique visit. While the huge grounds has many other dioramas and statues, it’s the Ten Courts of Hell Cave portraying various punishments that await those who “stray” that is the most prominent allure here.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

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Located in the Chinatown area of Singapore, this beautifully designed temple is believed to house a sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Within a 15 minute drive from Park Hotel Alexandra, the site also features fascinating statues of the Buddha and other religious iconography.

Katong Antique House

Learn more about the Peranakans (descendants of Chinese immigrants that settled in the region in the 13th and 15th century) at this quite interesting site. You will find all manner of antiques as well as batik sarongs, portraits, furniture, costumes and more.

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