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Shopping In Galle Sri Lanka - Tips And Tricks For A Convenient Trip

Galle, Sri Lanka is a popular tourist hub among all tourists to the island. It is also a good place for shopping, especially if you are looking for authentic Sri Lankan souvenirs to take back home.

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Shops in Galle

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If you are pressed for time, a good place to do all your shopping is at the Galle Fort. Not only is it a great historical and archaeological monument, but it is also a great place for shopping. The narrow alleys are lined with Dutch-style buildings that sell everything from clothes to jewellery to old posters and records.

What you can purchase

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However, if none of these is up your alley, there are shops inside Galle Fort where you can purchase scented candles, herbal tea, and spa products. There are many boutique hotels in Sri Lanka located in close proximity to the Galle Fort, such as Mosvold Hotels.

Buying Jewellery

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Jewellery has always been a favourite item for purchase in Sri Lanka. As there are several precious stone mines in Galle region, you do find a number of jewellery shops. This is a good place to get custom jewellery done as Sri Lankan jewellery are comparatively cheaper but of superior quality.


It is a common belief that Asian countries require bargaining when making a purchase. However, this is not completely true in Sri Lanka. While some shops like those at open markets might allow bargaining, most of the shops in Galle Fort and the vicinity are of fixed price. A good way to figure out if a place is a fixed-price place or a bargain-friendly place is to check the price tag.

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