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10 Things Every Procrastinator Has Shamelessly Done

Well, actually there are twenty but let's just try to relate to these, first.

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1. You have lied to yourself about wanting to pee when you have something really important to do.


Yes, your bladder is fine and you probably might have pee-ed just a second ago. The truth is: "you just want to waste time!

2. You actually have tried laying down on your bed at the last moment of something important because you like to think, you can.

3. You are the biggest liar for telling yourself that next time you'll prepare things before hand but you know you'll not do it until you're a second away to be showing it to someone.


4. You would rather die from hunger than cook something for yourself.

5. You have replied to a friend after a century because you were too lazy to reply back when he messaged you in 18 century B.C.

6. You have slept on a bed without cleaning the mess from it.

7. You have never cleaned up your closet because you think you'll mess it up eventually.


8. You can ruin plans at the last moment because you just want to sleep.

9. You've lied about someone dying, getting struck by lightening, helping an old lady cross the road because you were late.

10. You have survived a whole night without going to the bathroom when your bladder was begging you to go because you just didn't want to get up.

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