Anti-Americanism Soars In Wake Of Egypt Aid Decision

Egyptians woke up Thursday to the news that President Barack Obama had decided to withhold millions of dollars in aid from Egypt’s military.

1. Anti-American sentiment in Egypt is at an all-time high. On Thursday, Egyptians weren’t shy to let the U.S., especially President Barack Obama, know how they felt.

Abouzaid DARWISH / Via

2. People literally took to the streets chanting.

3. Adding the image of President Obama in a baby diaper to military posters apparently helped them sell.

T Todras-Whitehill


Sisi posters for sale near #Tahrir also depicting #Obama in a diaper at the bottom. #Oct6 #Egypt

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4. While showing President Obama with a beard also helped drive home the point that many Egyptians see him as a supporter of Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Amr Abdallah Dalsh / Reuters

5. In general, burning Obama and/or the American flag has become really popular at protests.

Hassan Ammar / AP

6. Which isn’t surprising because this morning, Egyptian papers ran headlines like this.

What one newspaper in #Egypt thinks about US decision: "Let the American aid go to hell"

— Yara Bayoumy (@yarabayoumy)

Yara Bayoumy


What one newspaper in #Egypt thinks about US decision: “Let the American aid go to hell”

/ Via

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