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25 Things That Happen On Hanukkah

Eight wild nights.

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1. When does Hanukkah start?

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25th of Kislev means nothing to me.

2. How do you spell Hanukkah?

Hartswood Films / BBC Wales

That would be חנוכה.

3. Your candles melt too quickly.

Apatow Productions

Wax, wax everywhere.

4. You're asked to help peel potatoes for the latkes.

Castle Rock Entertainment

You never saw me.

5. When everyone lights together at a Hanukkah party.


Frying in Oil, Lighting Candles, and Wrapping Paper - who thought this was a good idea?

6. When only the burnt latkes are leftover.


7. And then all your clothes smell like oil.


8. You peel off the foil on the gelt only to find out it's dark chocolate.

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9. The dreidel keeps landing on Nun.


better than Shin

10. When someone decides to add money to the dreidel mix.


11. The dreidal keeps spinning off the table.

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It was a Gimmel I tell you!

12. You finally master the ability to spin the dreidal upside-down.


13. When every freakin' candle in the entire box is broken.


14. Little kids think that any and all candles must be blown out.

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15. There is no such thing as a good Hanukkah song.

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"I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay" — who makes their own clay dreidels?

16. Every night, when trying to remember how many candles to light.

Doozer / ABC Studios

17. Someone reminds you to light Left to Right.

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I knew that

18. You're super hungry and haven't started lighting candles yet.


19. You try to eat a powdered jelly doughnut without making a mess.


Why do I even try?

20. When you see the one house with Hanukkah decorations or menorahs lit in the window.

Life Records

21. When all your candles light on the first try and burn out at the same time


Bonus points if yours stay lit longer than anyone else's.

22. When the store only sells plain and jelly doughnuts.


Anyone ever hear of caramel or custard?

23. When you bite into a doughnut but it has no filling.


Can I put it back after two bites?

24. The Chabad guys look stylin' in their Menorah-mobiles.

Legendary Pictures / Green Hat Films

25. You're wished a happy Hanukkah and it ended two weeks ago.

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