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7 Garden Sheds That May Look Boring On The Outside But Are Brilliant Inside

Here are sheds that look a bit like off-the-shelf sheds you can buy anywhere – but look what the sheddies have done to them!

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Sewing Shed

One of my all time favorite sheds as it’s so simple but so stunning.


Always a popular shed – in it’s second incarnation – normal on the outside a DJ’s Booth on the inside



An amazing 1950′s American Diner inside daddy-o


Bolton East Signal box

Every railway enthusiasts dream – your own layout in your shed


Total Rewind

Old metal shed but with a secret – a museum for vintage video recorders who said sheddies are boring


The shed with the chandelier

Yes it has a chandelier inside – nuff said


the Three Chickens

Difficult choice – but out of the hundreds of pub sheds – this one always catches my eye maybe as it looks just like an old pub I used to go to


Bonus Sheds – of course I could not mention sheds that are different on inside without mentioning the TARDIS sheds

I hope you get some inspiration add your Shed for Shed of the year 2014 over on the main site

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