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  • 12 Amazing Pub Sheds - You Would Love To Have In Your Back Garden

    With the amazement by people (who are not sheddies!) that a house sold with a pub shed in it’s back garden the other day – here are my twelve favourite Pub sheds – in no order but I would like to visit them all and have a pint with each of sheddies (road trip 2015?) – of course remember sheddies to visit your local pubs as well.

  • Pirate Shed

    shed is a purpose built pirate’s cabin built to look like the poop deck of a pirate ship moored at a Caribbean dock, complete with fully stocked koi carp pond and aviary - for those long hungry voyages! The inside of the shed is equipped with a full range of piratannical ephemera, including skulls, crossed bones (courtesy of a friendly butcher) and a dead man’s chest. Outside the shed there is plenty of space for pirate roistering and carousing amongst the tropical plants and under the palm thatched lean-to. The front of the shed opens completely to make the most of the evening sun and provides a suitable location for card playing, rum drinking and bad behaviour of every kind. The large number of empty rum bottles doubling as candle sticks provides evidence of this. View Image ›

  • Pub Shed

    A true “pubshed” this is a standard 10 x 8 ft garden shed that ive turned into my new local, it has mdf reinforced walls, floor and door, fully lined/soundproofed with rockwool insulation , the bar is 5.5ft long , got sky tv, fridge, few bar stools, snug table, wall mounted heater, carpeted, sound system, genuine ex pub fittings, brass footrest, last orders bell, optics, mirrors, taps and wireless linked to house alarm. Serving chilled cans, bottles and spirits just now till i get round to sorting out a keg system . View Image ›

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