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    • shbkynn45

      Why do blacks watch SNL? The only time they show a black in a skit, they are making fun, or having the character to act stupid, anything they wish to project black people as unintelligent. They are racist to the core, if blacks cannot see it, they will not see it coming when they try to move on us to hold us in slavery again. Majority of the population will okay it, obviously, the ones who feel the skit was funny, certainly does not have a problem with holding people in slavery, 400 years, not paid, not fed decent food, slept on the ground for a long time. Look at the survey, 50% of people surveyed said Sterling punishment is too harsh. Okay, if that is the case, I will go on a limb, and say, if they had allowed him to keep the team, I do not believe the players would have been happy with him still being the owner, and therefore would seek to be traded, or just start playing bad. That is what I would do in a situation like that. How the hell are you going to have a basketball team all black players, and degrade African people like he did. He must be one racist fool.

    • shbkynn45

      It is time out, wait up, what is the hell wrong with black folks? We know what is wrong with these racist, but there is no excuse for black people to be behaving like we do. How can anyone find humor in the suffering oftheir people? The most horrific crime committed against a people, and for so long. It only shows insensitivity for the suffering of black people. Any black person who feels it was funny need mental heath treatment. It is not funny, and never will be, even to end of the world, it will never be funny. That is why racist Sterling and racist Bundy came out against us, because we act like nothing ever happened to us, and so black folk running around joining in with racist whites making fun of African slavery, it shows no empathy whatsoever toward your own people suffering. But then again, mnay blacks folks do not know or believe they were our people. Go read your history black people find out who you are, and what happened to your people. Even if these people were not black, there is no humor in people’s suffering. They would not do that to Jews about the Holocaust.

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